Workshop Manual for Yamaha Tmax500, year 2009

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  1. Does anyone of the Forum readers have a copy of the a.m. mentioned original workshop manual (repair manual) ? I tried all other companies such as Bucheli, Haynes and Clymer but to no avail, obviously Tmax riders are not known to lay their hands on this scooter as they are too busy with their daddies cash, their jobs or joblike hobbies on stockmarkets.....:mrgreen: So no company ever made one but there still must be a Yamaha internal manual available........Tried all the websites such as carlslater, dropbears, repairmanual with no success :thumbdown:. Currently I have the original owners manual, a copy of the original sparepart book which does not show dimensions or international types for example for bearings. I also could gather some crucial data such as filling amounts of fluids and measurements such as valve clearances but not more. This is just to be prepared for a case where the Tmax could give me headaches and the thought of it I really do not like :think:. I always had workshop manuals for all bikes I owned. Txs !
  2. Javawa, many many thanks for this totally useful link !!!! Problem finally solved !!!! Best regards, Franz

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