World-SBK on tv in thailand

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  1. Hello !

    I am wondering whether the races of World-Superbike are shown on tv in thailand ? Or only Moto-GP ?
    Seems like World-SBK is very exciting this year because they have a lot of riders and new manufacturers like BMW and Aprilia. While Moto-GP might only have 18 riders, which is a shame.
    Thanks for advice

  2. YEs they are but they are on cable not UBC check the even section for the schedule.

    Great race Saturday but it showed sunday on the event schedule. We don't get a schedule with the cable it was on Saturday adbout 2:00 PM I think
  3. Hello !

    Thanks for the information.
    I have to check whether I can see in thailand. Fortunately I have already ordered tickets for Assen / NL on 26th april. I guess will be a good show.
    John Hopkins has also joined Stiggy Honda and World-SBK.


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