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    SBK Brands Hatch Rd.
    On TV this Sunday 6th August 10.00 pm at the Irish Pub.

    The Irish Pub (the UN Irish Pub on Ratchawitee road, Chiang Mai) has 3 TVs & 3 cable systems. Apart from the usual Thai UBC, they have South African sports channels (for the Superbikes), plus Aussie TV for the cars (Bathurst) & the footy. So they have most of the world's main events sporting main covered.

    On Friday nights they also have the Blues Bop Brothers with John "Jonadda" Nash plus "Miss" Meow (The GT Rider's HGL G/F S) on stage singing bluesy music - not easy to find in North Thailand & well worth your support.

    If you're in town & need a fix of bike racing or bluesy music, check em out sometime.

    Keep The Power On
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    Thanks for the info David. Superbikes it is then.

    As I've not had the pleasure of listening to the lass yet does Miss Meow belt the tunes out in English or Thai?

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