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  1. Hello!

    We are brandnew in Asia and found this homepage through a friend from Sydney in Australia who recommended this page very much. [:D]Yesterday we have had a closer look on the page and now we want to introduce ourselve. [:eek:)]
    Tanja and I (Christian) are travelling the world on one motorbike, a Honda Africa Twin, 750cc, Typ: RD04. We are germans and in the 30th.[:(]
    In September 2005 we started in New Zealand. We shipped the bike by Sea to Auckland and travelled there for 4 months. Then in January we shipped the bike to Sydney and travelled there for 2,5 months. In the last week we come here to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia directly
    from Darwin in Australia after we crossed the whole continent to the far north.

    Now we got the bike and plan to leave K.L. at Wednesday to see Malaysia from our Motorbike seat. Then comes Thailand, Kambodia and Laos before we organize the transport to Nepale or India or whatever.
    All together we have 18 month time for travelling. 7 we have spent, so 11 month left. We think to spend 4 - 6 month here in asia. In March next year we have to be at home in Germany. But before we want see Asia, India, Nepale, Pakistan, Iran and meaby Arabia and North Africa or diretly back through Turkey. Dependce on the money and the time we have left then...[?]
    It would be very nice for us to meet some motorbike locals for touring tipps and spending some time together, if possible.
    So please give us a mail if your interested to meet us.

    All the Best
    Tanja & Christian
  2. hi guys,

    Me and my girlfriend are not really locals but we would like to meet you anyway. Jeanne (FRA) and me (BEL) are for the moment touring in southeast asia. now in thailand and later on in laos, cambodja, malysia and maybe indonesia. we would like to meet you. we travelled last years a lot in asia and the last time i drove a yamaha TTR from thailand to belgium.jeanne also knows quiet a few countries in asia and middle east...anyway, let us know if you are interested...
    and enjoy the ride
  3. Hi, you both!

    Sounds really good![:D]
    We plan to come to the Thailand border in roundabout two weeks from now on. Then we want go up north and into Laos from the north.
    Meaby thats nearly on your way and time?[?]

    Tanja & Christian

  4. hi we are in um phang for the moment, waiting the end of the thai newyear. afther that we will head north (mae hong son loop and chiang mai) and in about tree weeks we wanna make the bordercrossing in to laos from chiang khong...
    guess we will meet somewhere. we dont have a phone, do you have one?
    jeanne and niels
  5. Tanja & Christian
    Be good to meet a fellow Africa Twin rider. Drop me a line when you get near Chiang Mai, or drop into either the Kafe or Jai Yen & ask for David.
    For touring tips on Laos / N Thailand there's heaps of 'em with photos on this board. Check them out & you'll be impressed.
    Pls add some of your own when you get time - it all helps.
    I look forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai.

    Keep The Power On
  6. Hallo Tanja und Christian!
    So you're coming up from Malaysia - guess you'll spend some time cruising the south of Thailand, Phuket and the area around Krabi are just a couple of highlights you have to visit. Ich bin Deutscher and I'm living and working in a small town 400km south of Bangkok; if you look for a quiet natural spot to relax for a day or two, stop by!
    I'll be on Ko Chang (the small one off the coast of Ranong) from the 16th til the 20th or so, but drop me a line anyway, maybe we can hook up! - Klaus ([email [email protected]][email protected][/email])
  7. Hi Tanja & Christian, I run the "Jai-Yen Cafe" that David referred to above. You will both be made very welcome if you pop in. We are about 250m south of Tha Phae Gate on the east side of the city moat - just look for a big Ying-Yang logo. If you happen to drop by on a sunday when MotoGP is being shown (see mine or David's posts for the dates in the "Events" forum), you will surely meet some other Chiang Mai riders who will share tips & stories over a few beers. Hope the ride up from KL goes smoothly and you both enjoy experiencing this beautiful part of the world.


  8. Hi you both!

    No, we don't want to have a phone, like you...
    So sometimes it is difficult to make an appointement. But we think we have the same (planned) way. Meaby we are a little bit later then you both. So, the meeting would be possible then in Laos, we think. When we crossing the border from Thailand to Laos, we give you a new mail.

    Enjoy so far
    Tanja & Christian

  9. Hello David!

    We are very happy to meet you in your favourite Cafe :))
    Be sure that we stop there and ask for you, if your not there.

    Thank you very much
    Tanja & Christian

  10. Hi Jeff!

    Thank you very much for your friendly words!! You can be sure that we visit you and your cafe, definitely!
    But what is the name of the town: Moat? Or is it Chiang Mai? Our english, you know..... Not the very best....

    Thank you very much and happy to see you soon
    Tanja & Christian (from the nice and cool Genting Highlands)

  11. Hi guys,

    The Jai-Yen Cafe is situated at 19, Moon Muang Rd, Chiang Mai. Myself and my wife are in the UK between 24/4 and 10/5 so hope we don't miss you. Our place will still be open but David will probably be hanging out at "The Kafe" which is also a nice place on Moon Muang and about 100m north of Tha Phae Gate.

    Hope to see you...... [:D]

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