Wow! Do u know where these roads are?

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  1. I was sent these pics of roads around the world but can not find out where they are.

    They are incredible!!

    If anyone knows please let us know.


    Number 1

    Number 2

    Number 3

    Number 4

    Number 5

    Number 6

    Number 7

    Number 8

    Number 9

    Number 10

    Number 11

    Number 12

    Number 13

    Number 14

  2. Peter, please put numbers on to them, three of them I know and I do not want to copy/paste the pictures. Thanks & cheers, Franz
  3. Peter, 2 I could identify in just looking up some old private pictures.
    #6 is the old road in Switzerland up to St. Gotthard's, # 13 AND #7 is the road up to Stilfser Joch in South Tyrol in Italy or also known as STELVIO Pass somehwere near Bormeo, close to Switzerland again. I'm still trying to remember Picture # 3, 11, 14 and 15, some of them I've been on by bike already, I'm 100% sure. # 14 & 15 should be somewhere in France but close to the Swiss border. Cheers, Franz
  4. OMG!
    Wow- those pics gave me a stiffy! HeeHee.gif
    Awesome! 8)
  5. 12-14-15, sorry it's not in France but was visited by me in the summer of 1986 by car while working in Ostersund Sweden. It's the accessroad to the "Trollstigen" (Steps of the 'Troll', a mystic scandianvian figure), near a place called Romsdal. Between Alesund and Krisitansund. # 11 still keeps my brain working hard as I can remember the road but not the whereabouts, would be a shame (for not identifiying) if even one would be in my homecountry Austria :oops: .Cheers, Franz
  6. Peter

    awsome roads,, but not for me and Panzar wagen,,there is not enough Banana Trees... :wink:
  7. 800x600_exact-1280x1024_julien_bill.jpg

    more my cup-o-tea!
  8. #9 looks like a somewhat famous photo of the China-Burma Road from WWII. Some serious roads though!
  9. Several are in the Andies in South America can't remember which country. Featured in History Channel about riding.

    I love the GPS still waiting on the map, got it mounted today really cool
  10. Thanks guys.

    Franz your a mine of information!

    I know the bridge is in France and i think the S. American country is Peru.

    Any more info or pics appreciated.
  11. Peru yep that be the one
  12. Any ideas on #5? The one where you would take a free fall if you mess up?
    Now what bike would you want to ride these serpentines with?
    I'd go for a MZ with a 660cc single and lots of expensive goodies on it...
    Too bad they don't make 'em anymore.
  13. Bukit Fraser-best road in the frikin world
  14. So, with the help of some friends another answer: # 11 mountainroad near Isolaccia in Italy. #10 the "Los Caracoles" pass between Chile and Argentinia in the Andes, #9 a military track somewhere in China. Still missing: # 1,2,3,4,5,8. By the way #5 is not on the North Yungas Road in Bolivia (La Paz to Coroico) what everyone is expecting. Cheers, Franz
  15. #5 not South America, was surfing a little in the right place, it's the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China, west-south-west of Beijing, see also the link:
    Cheers, Franz
  16. #4 everybody has already seen this bridge in southern France at least once in the TV, Millau Viaduct, weblink:
    So now there's still 4 missing: # 1,2,3,8. Cheers, Franz
  17. Me thinks # 5 is Peru
  18. Sorry to dissapoint you Ray, if you click the link for the chinese one, you can clearly see more panorama fotos of this road. Peru there's the well known death road called: Kuelap-Celendin-Cajamarca Road near Barro Negro Pass, haven't found a proper foto link yet but that's different to Peter's picture. The deadliest of them all is the North Yungas Road in Bolivia, that's the one in the jungle with several hundred meter drops on one side and stretching very far but there's no rock cliffs. I have to look up several old slides I have from Northern India, there's the one running from Srinagar to Kargil and then onto Leh in Ladakh, that one took my breath away and I nearly pi.... my pants while going on a bus there, also some of the remoter roads in Nepal were quite frightening. Anyone going to the European Alps should also go onto the Timmelsjoch in Austria, the descent to Italy is nearly the same as the Stelvio pass, and the oldest of them all up to the Grossglockner and Hochtor which is I think the most popular for middle European motorbikers. Cheers, Franz
  19. Franz
    Bloody hell mate, I'm impresed. You've certainly been around touring many places in the world. You're a star & legend!
  20. David, not a star :? as I did never go to that bridge in France or the two death roads in South America but I am planning for going to the chinese rock-face road this year. For the 2 south Americans I've been a star only on my keyboard :lol: .........was quicker than others......... :oops: . As for Scandinavia, we Austrians always think of our beloved Alps as the only mountains on the Earth but quite frankly the Norwegian coastline is "b r e a t h t a k i n g" as are the wide hilly stretches in Sweden and Finland right up to the Northcap........cheers, Franz
  21. That is amazing two like that :shock:
  22. I had a few more pics and only included Number 8 because if you look at the landscape it should be a nice straight undulating road.

    The road designer and builder must have based it on a drunken sailor weaving his way back to the ship!!
  23. Franz

    dead right on,, Norwegian coast line, from south to all way to norht,, ALL mountains and serpentine roads up and down.

    Sweden and Finland actually dont have such a nice roads
  24. Marco, I do not mean the roads in Sweden and Finland but the very beautiful landscapes surrounding them. Finland with its many many lakes, Sweden with the woods and ever deeper blue & green colours, and Lappland (N-S-SF) with its never ending roadblocking rendeer, frightening elks and 24 hours daylight in summer, once I got time I'm gonna scan some of the better slides I have on Scandinavia and post them.
    Further on to the fotos:
    # 8 seems like Down Under, just try to make out the roadsign in yellow, seems to me like a kangorooh's shape on it. Are the lines similar to OZ ??
    #2 seems like the adriatic coast between Greece-Croatia-Italy-France
    #3 (surprise) could be one of my favourite mountainroads from early days near to where I was born, just need to check it out in April when I'm in EU if they really have cut down the trees adjacent to the road. The new asphalt indicates to me also that the coobles were removed not so long ago. Place would be in eastern Austria, Leithamountains next to lake Neusiedl. Landscape, electrical lines, flora, colour and style of lines, crashbarriers are all 100% fitting, but it's been > 15 years since I last drove it.......
    Cheers, Franz
  25. 1. Looks to me like the Kabul to Jalalabad highway, near Sarubi, since it has been repaired.
    A few kms it levels out into a natural choke point. This was in 1987,
    before they got around to relaying the tarmac

    5. Stremnaya Road, Bolivia nicknamed "the road of death"
    - someone sent out a great PP presentation on this a year two back awesome pix.
    I understand from Turkish that there is now an alternative and safer road...

    9. As pseacraft has said this is the famous Burma/Chiana road aka "The Hump" when it was closed and had to be flown.
    More pix here: ... rma.html#2

    10. Most likely the Karakorum Highway from Northern Pakistan into China.
    But it has been some years now... :)

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