WTB 2 bikes in Singapore or S. Thailand 70.000 - 140.000 THB

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  1. My buddy and I are currently in Phuket, and we want to pick up a couple of motorcycles as far South as possible (ideally Singapore, but we're willing to pick them up as far north as Bangkok if necessary).

    I'm looking to pay no more than $3000 USD, and my buddy wants to spend ~ $1000 USD.

    Anyone have a couple of good candidates?

    If not, recommendations on where would be cheapest (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, ...)
  2. Well, Try ask yourself that what type of bike ?

    Sport ? Cruiser ? Nake bike ? Forget Touring type is cause of more expensive.

    In your budget conditions is only Cruiser or Sport but second hand if you want more options of type.

    3000 USD can buy :

    - CBR 150 First Hand.
    - Ninja 250 R but pay more 500 USD and first Hand with 0 mile.
    - Phantom 250 CC. First Hand.
    - CB400 Superfour

    1000 USD can buy :

    - CBR400 (Second Hand but some ride may be no plate) Don't worry The police won't call you in.
    - CB400 (Second Hand)

    Or other bike in second hand.

    - i don't have any idea,sorry.

    let's ask your buddy what kind of bike does he/she like to ride ?

    By the way,

    If you want to buy in Singapore , you will get more expensive bike then Thailand without TAX.

    Good luck !
  3. What i have heard and saw, now days there has been incresing crack down with bikes with no plates and no papaers.

    So if one going to buy bike with no plates, it is adviseble to carry import papers while you riding, then atleast if stopped, you avoid unessesary conflicts with coppies.

    They do check the bike on the tour as well, changes are very slim but there is that possiblity. :wink:

    Better be safe than sorry.
  4. Thanks both for your input. We'd both like sport bikes, or a naked bike would be fine as well.

    I've been eyeing the CBR 150, as they seem to be somewhat plentiful, which I assume would simplify parts and repair needs. I've also seen several on thailand craigslist for less than 35,000 Baht (even with books in order), for example:

    The biggest issue is finding two bikes in the same location. At the moment, I'm feeling like a flight to Bangkok is the best option.
  5. If you are flying to BKK, extend the flight to Chiang Mai and I can sell you a couple of CB400 SuperFours. They are unplated, and are currently in our rental fleet, which contrary to popular belief does not mean they are thrashed death machines. Rather they would be fully serviced with a reasonable amount of life left in the consumables (chain, tyres & brake pads). Price would be 40,000THB each. Firm.

    I also have 2 Honda Bros 400s - same deal on condition but cheaper at 25K THB a pop.

    PM me for more details if interested and I can arrange pics too.


  6. Pikey, as discussed I will come to see you on 7th of March and get one unplated Bros400 for THB 25k as a sparepartsbike for mine which is Chonburi plated. (need the carbs, backwheel adjustments, driveaxle for front sprocket, rear fairing, seatbench, low handle bars, maybe the cylinderheads,........) My current bike was done by a local mechanic, David is having a look at it and he swears every minute about how bad this thing is actually. Cheers, Franz
  7. No problem Franz, the low barred one now has your name on it. ;) See you on the 7th.


  8. Franz
    Shyte! It must be B-A-D as I don't recall ever hearing The Snail swear!
    But at least you have THE BEST bike mechanic working on it.
  9. David, unbelievable what was done to this bike: :x the oildrain screw was forced into the threat with a bigger diameter, front sprocket did not have the safety plate so was moving around and caused severe wearing of the axle where it sits on, all bolts are completely destroyed starting with the carbs, cylinderhead covers,.......thermostat has been removed, sparkplugs were totally broken, electrics have been tampered with, battery connections complete F-U, tank was full of water and sh.., the list goes on and on. The same I used to find on all 3 SRX'es, the worst was the SRX6 with no oil at all in the left frontfork (not leaking), wrong swingarm, wrong rear shocks, engine that leaks oil at every millimeter all around, no oilfilter, no airfilter, wrong exhaust, loose frontfork bolts, complete mess at the electrics, tank full of water & sh.., broken screws, worn out threads, too tight screws where not necessary but loose where totally important. I have removed the word Motorcycle mechanic from my Thai vocabulary because this is a word that doen't exist in reality !! Just for example: fitting frontdisk and caliperhousing which are not original on the SRX6 just had the caliper make its mark on the cast-AL spokes of the front rim. I do not want even to imagine what would have happened if I had to do an emergency braking......... :evil: But as I'm slowly running out of time, David was so nice to come down and see me at home !!!
    More when I'm up in CNX next weekend....... :lol: Cheers, Franz
  10. Thanks for the heads up Pikey, I'm definitely interested. PM Sent.
  11. agree that the best bet is to buy from LOS. Things are more 'casual' in the purchase of bike with or without papers.

    Bike (over 150cc) price in malaysia is the most expensive in all of Asia. Foregt about bikes with cc exceeding 400cc...u will cost you and arm and a leg and no more pocket money for petrol for the next 5yrs!

    U can however get decent price bikes from spore but to buy spore plated bike call for you to have a spore address, license and insurance...again, a hassle.


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