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  1. I'm planning on a trip to Pattaya this weekend, riding over from Cambodia.
    Can anyone suggest where in Pattaya I can buy 5W fork oil ?
  2. I'm pretty sure the generic Honda fork oil that all the Honda dealers sell in Thailand is 5W or close. They sell it in really small plastic bottles (for scooters) and does not have the oil rating on it. Been using it as nothing else easily available where I live.
  3. Thanks for that tip Harry, will check it out.

    Is there a kawasaki dealer in Pattaya selling the KLX250's, and if so, where are they located.
    I'm guessing they would be worth a try for 5W forkoil
  4. Kawasaki dealer is on the main Sukhamvit road. This may help. I saw 5w fork oil at Red Baron AND Stadium in BKK today. So if ya can't get any in Patters you could give them a call and get them to send it to ya. Or pop down to BKK for the day.
  5. chatri at road machine bike usually has Motul 5w in stock on third road
  6. MM
    Thanks very much for that info. It was just around the corner from where I was staying, however I wouldn't of looked on Third Rd had it not been for your tip.
    As you suggested, Chatri had Motul 5W in stock an I bought 3 liters at Bt400/liter.

    Prior to your post, I checked the Kawasaki dealer on Sukhamvit. They had Motul 10W fork oil in stock but weren't interested in sourcing 5W for me.

    Thanks to the other posters for their info/suggestions.
  7. Glad you found the right stuff. :D :D

    Just curious , does anyone know how the "W" classification works for fork oils? Is 10W twice as viscous as 5W ? Not being rude or perdantic, just want to know if I should be able to tell when riding if the wrong weight was installed? I know some people say just to use ATF fluid. I only change the oils out once a year , is that enough? Previous experience tells me that the volume of the oil is very critical. :oops: Any gurus out there? Hiko? Monsterman? :twisted: :twisted:
  8. W = weight or viscosity

    not double the viscosity from 5 to 10

    In scooters or bikes with low tech forks atf is ok

    anything else no way imo

    oil height is critical, you can change the way the forks behave by the oil level.
  9. Interesting link Harry

    Just to be exact, the Fork oil I bought was Motul Fork Oil Expert Light 5W
    Its for a DRZ and the owners manual recommends 5W
    http://www.motul.com.sg/product_line_up ... ers02.html

    Apparently you can blend the different grades for a specific application
    http://www.motul.com.au/product_line_up ... _CHART.pdf

    I bought it for my old 2003 DRZ after noticing the night and day difference in front suspension when compared to my newer low mileage 2007 DRZ.
    Previously tried flushing with kerosene and replacing the old sludgey oil with new ATF. Still too stiff, even after lowering the fork oil level to reduce the Air Spring Effect
    Repeated process using (what appeared light weight) toyota suspension fluid sourced in Phnom Penh, weight unknown. No improvement from ATF fluid.

    Will report back after I get time to try the Motul 5W.
    If that doesnt work, then its time to disassemble the forks and check for problems.
    I note the teflon coated bushings are not too expensive but its the usual pain to ship them over.
  10. Hi Bill,
    I looks like the only way to get it right is experiment and try to see what suits the individual forks/type of riding. None of the fork oil "weights" as such seem to be the same between brands for the same labeled weight.

    I also sometimes have problems with the volume as some manuals give it as a total volume of oil for each fork leg and other times it is given as a height of oil in the fork leg, not always easy to measure the height of oil inside the tube, and meaning a syringe and tubes to try to get the exact height for both forks.

    But the handling difference makes it all worth while, just got to have patience.
  11. I changed the fork oil again using the Motul 5W this time and it is a noticable improvement in suspension performance over the ATF and other improvised suspension fluids.

    That brings me to another question, rear shock rebuild for a dirtbike ?
    Is anyone in Thailand offering a professional suspension service ?
    They would need to be setup to recharge the shock with nitrogen.

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