WTB Motocross Boots US sz 12/EUR 47, other Gear

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  1. Looking for used/cheap motocross gear in Chiang Mai especially boots (US size 12, EUR 47), cheap jersey, decent gloves, goggles.
  2. The O'Neal boots are about 4500-4800 new,
    there not perfect but mine do the job for about three month now.

    For Shirts and pants i like the Scoyco Brand (chinese stuff), i paid about 3800 Baht
    for an Shirt, Pants and Gloves.

    There is an shop on "Si Don Chai road" (the one from the right bottom corner
    to the end of the nightbasar), where you can gett all that stuff.
    Just follow that road commin from the corner for about 750 Meters,
    there is a small bookstore on the left site, the shop is next to it.
    opposite is a big bookshop and an Bangkok Bank ATM) They have
    some Helmets in front of the shop so you should find it.

    They have another shop on the ChangPuak road (The one from Chang Puak Gate towards Mae Rim)
    when you come from town, pass the traffic light near the chang puak bus staion it is after
    about 50 Mtr on your right.

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