WTB stock tires for Versys

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  1. lotuseater

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    Hi all, it is about time for a re-shoe on my Versys. I wanted to put the Scorpions on it this time around but it seems they are a little hard to find right now and have a bit of a wait for ordering. So I though I would ask here and see if anyone has a set of stock tires for the Versys or ER-6N or Ninja. If you have a stock set that you have taken off and has very few Km (under 2000) that is what I am looking for. If your tires have been sitting around gathering dust I am willing to pay a bit of money and pick them up in Chiang Mai. Let me know what you have and what you are looking for and maybe we can work something out.

    Stock Versys tire size:
    front 120/70r17
    rear 160/60rz17
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  3. NickyBKK

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    Hi there! I still have these new tyres for sale.

  4. lotuseater

    lotuseater Ol'Timer

    They look good, I sent you an email.

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