WTB versys fork slider

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  1. Kawi in CM does not have them and no interest in finding me a set.
    Has anyone seen them in Thailand before I go and get some machined> If I do end up machining them I will incorporate a groove so that I can use the same rear paddock stand on the front wheel

    I have found a guy in Malaysia that has them for 1400 B
    Anyone interested in a group buy to save a bit on freight
  2. You should talk to Khun Pep, prez of the Technical Rider Stunt Team- they've got a couple Versys all done up for stunting and I'm pretty sure it had some big sliders on the front forks, but can't find a good pic.

    Ah, found some better pics-



    Give Khun Pep a call at 0841438891

    Tell him Tony sent ya! :happy1:
  3. No reply so it looks like I am going to get some machined

    This is not a complicated part so machining is probably more cost effective than 50.00 USD + import, and I can incorporate a paddock stand support at the same time.
    Naturally a simple non-stand version will be a lot cheaper, and I cannot see it being more than 1200 B

    Anyone interested in a group buy to gain some economy of scale at the machine shop
  4. Any reason why you wouldn't want to use a normal front stand?
  5. because I do not have one

    Looks like the stunt bike pic has this type of slider so someone has already thought of it

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