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  1. I want to take a pair of YSS or Ikon shocks back to Canada for my T-140 Bonneville and need a knowledgeable vendor here in Thailand. Emails sent to YSS BKK are ignored, as they have been for the past several years

    The YSS website leaves a lot to be desired and while they list T-140 shocks there is no corresponding description of the listed shock nor any specs

    I need a Vendor that can discuss valve rates and spring choices to select the most appropriate shock for me weight
    Any suggestions?

    Same question for Ikon
  2. YSS will not take orders from individual customers anymore, especially not farangs emailing them in English.

    You will have to find a YSS authorized dealer in BKK & they can order for you.

    I think Red Baron are dealers & APshop http://www.apshop-racing.com/searchproduct.php & K-Speed maybe!

    Had the same problem in Phuket a few years ago trying to order direct from them & had to find a dealer in the end to order for me. Custom built to spec shocks take 2 weeks btw.

    Best do your own research first on valve & spring rates on the forums, i've yet to get good advice from someone Thai in regards to custom shock rates.

  3. My questions are of a technical nature and I am not trying to buy one from them. Perhaps I think too much and am too much of a bother to deal with!!

    Even so it is bloody poor service to NEVER reply to an emal sent to an English language website. They ignored me both 1 and 2 years ago as well, simply sending me to another manufacturer
    YSS is useless unless you want to buy something off the shelf then it is mai mee anyway

    Thanks for the Hagon link, but they are not much better than the old Girlings

    Ikon in Oz OTOH, have already answered my questions and are most likely to get my business
  4. HH,

    If you are truly serious then a trip to the factory is in order. Maps and directions are on the website and taxis are plentiful in Bangkok.

    I think your problem lies in the fact that they are not bespoke suspension manufacturers and you may not want more than 2? If you know what you want I am sure they have something suitable.

    Another alternative would be a telephone call.

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