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  1. Hi there, i know some of the guys on the forums do not like advertising on the forums.

    But also some of the guys asked why we dont do a sale on bikes and/or discount on parts.

    so here it is any way, mega sale on bikes and 20% of selected parts and helmets etc.

    There you go, I hope I dont upset anyone for the advert .

    I hope I please some people who would like to purchase some cheap items.

    Regards Alex, Link removed
  2. Alex,

    Hi I was in the place last week. Some Ok bikes.
    May I humbly suggest you put some prices on the website.
    Then you simply give a flat rate discount for the sale or.......
  3. Hi all prices are on the website , just click on the photo of the Bike.

  4. Hi Alex, I'd like to do some business with you, but we need to settle the old score first. I'm sure we can do this in an amicable fashion and move on, but it does need to be settled.


  5. Some really nice prices there at Xbikes, i got me a great helmet there yesterday. Plenty of more stuff i want, cos of the great price, we will see next week...
  6. I;ve got my eye on that black DRZ. Anyone know when Alex is back from Switzerland????
  7. He's back now already.

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