X-Road 250 available now!

Discussion in 'Tiger / Sachs Motorcycles in Thailand' started by mbox999, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. mbox999

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    The x-road 250 is available now and can be ordered online . The price is 99000 thb , however, there is a special price for the first lot available which is 89000thb. This price applies only to very limited nr's . Email me [email protected] or use online order form here: http://www.tigersachsclub.com/tigersachsshop.html - will provide more info in reply.

    happy trails,


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  3. mbox999

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    hi colin, it is carbed.
  4. KenYam

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    mbox999 Thanks for information - is there any chance there is a specification sheet on the X-Road 250 ?....weight 121kg's is that wet as KLX250 seems to be 138kg wet ?.....valve number ?..... are there many accessories eg; rear luggage rack in one of the previous photo's ?.....Does price include insurance and registration ?.... Thanks again.
  5. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    All the info i currently have is mentioned here: http://www.tigersachsclub.com/sproduct.html
    and here: http://www.tigersachsclub.com/tigersachsshop.html

    please read the second link thoroughly as it really gives a lot of answers to the questions ( specially in regards of rego,insurance,delivery).

    The X-road is offered since yesterday , at the time being there are no extras available, but i could imagine that some of the d-tracker stuff may fit?
    rear-luggage rack i believe is included but i await confirmation if this is correct info.

  6. mbox999

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    Hi, i been informed that it is the first 10 units of x-road 250 which go for the special price of 89000 thb....9 are still available. 1st X-road will go to an gt-rider member :)

  7. Tom Forde

    Tom Forde Ol'Timer

    Is the wooden block under the side stand an option?
  8. KenYam

    KenYam Ol'Timer

    Appreciate your assistance mbox999 - Its a good looking bike, should be popular.
  9. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    the wooden block decorated with tiger/sachs sticker i shall have them as give-aways :)
  10. alexbrouwer1

    alexbrouwer1 Member

    Mbox, thanks for all your help with ordering the X-road today.
    Last question, is it possible to get the wooden block painted X-road red and black before you put the Tiger/Sachs stickers on ?? :)
  11. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Alex,it is a pleasure for having you as 1st X-road Customer & thanks for ordering - i shall send you a set of Tiger/Sachs Stickers ...ummm instead of the wooden block maybe some high heels from missus? After all she will be on a shopping trip soon to buy new shoes :)

    happy trails,

  12. Tom Forde

    Tom Forde Ol'Timer

    Thanks for taking my tongue in cheek comment in jest.
    Seriously, it looks great a comparo with the DTracker would be interesting in the future.
    Price alone should sell it.

  13. mbox999

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    Colin , the x-road has 235cc is about the same displacement of the Boxer 250RS ( actual 232,6 cc) , which has been passing the emission test.
  14. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    here some pics of the actual x-road as available:




    i think it looks even better with the more black on the engine ...and on the wheels.

    Note: it has a Tiger Sticker above the headlight.

  15. mbox999

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    There seems to be rumours around that the X-road 250 is powered by the Boxer 250 engine.

    This is incorrect info !
    The Boxer 250 is powered by a 232,6 cc engine made by Tiger Motors with their own Tiger-made components for it.
    The X-road 250 although plans and prototype made by tiger for a 234,xx cc engine ( which was taken off some japanese engine design) is not made in Thailand but imported ( either in parts or partially assembled) from China.

    Thank you for your understanding and hope this clarifies things.

  16. alexbrouwer1

    alexbrouwer1 Member

    18th of May i will get the X-road...will put some pictures here...
  17. stubzi

    stubzi Ol'Timer

    Any idea on the seat height?
  18. mbox999

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    Ok, here the updated specs for the x-road
    Engine type: 4 stroke, SOHC, 250cc (actual 235cc).
    Cooling system: Air
    Ignition type: Magneto CDI
    Starter: Electric starter
    Transmission: 5 speed Constantmesh (1down 4 up)
    Battery: 12V 9 Ah
    Brakes system
    -Front: Disc 320 mm four pistons caliper

    -Rear: Disc 215 mm double piston caliper

    -Front: IRC 110/70-17
    -Rear: IRC 140/70-17

    Gross Weight: 128.5 kg
    Fuel Tank Cap.11 L
    WxLxH : 820x2,005x1,085 mm
    Frame type: Trellis Steel Alloy
    Front: Telescopic 90 mm
    Rear: Single Shock Absorber
    Seat Height: 815 mm
    Special Features: - Stainless Steel Exhaust System
    - Digital Speedometer with Fuel

    and here a new picture...the engine holder on prior pictures was black, but they tell me the silver one will be standard.

    hope this helps,


    Attached files 267927=3338-X_Road_tsc%20copy.
  19. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    It sure looks nice! What kind of warranty do you get with it?

    alexbrouwer1, I'm really looking forward to hear about your first impressions of the bike.
    I hope you'll keep us posted..:)
  20. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Normally the Sachs "offsprings" ( ie Kikass & Madass) have a 2 years warranty ( no mileage limit) and i would assume the same for the X-road ,but i am awaiting for confirmation from tiger motors.

  21. alexbrouwer1

    alexbrouwer1 Member

    Will post here about the bike as soon as i have the first couple of 100 km done with it.
  22. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    As per info given today, Tiger Motors had decided to give 3 years or 30000 km warranty on all the Bikes offered since 2011 . Normally the Sachs "offsprings" would have been 2 years warranted but an extra year added is very good news.

  23. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Hi there as correction to some specs
    I checked the seat height today on Alex's x-road it is 845mm .Alex is 190cm and i am 178cm and both of us were very comfy on that bike. As you can see they painted the engine mount Black Matt which looks quite alright . Also, they included a Balance shaft on the x-road engine which means it is pretty smooth ( actually surprisingly smooth) .

    Alex and myself did ride his X-road and both found it very comfy and smooth. The gear was perhaps a bit firm to change but it could be as it needs to wear in . It was nice to ride it but we also felt that something was holding it back .....our evil minds started already going what can be done to make this baby fly ( ie change or empty muffler , perhaps a bigger manifold...or airfilter needs some work, perhaps re-jetting...) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .

    We also managed to run through bumps on the x-road and they were very well absorbed. There was someone posting on some Forums that the Tank is too big or wide or whatever...i can not feel anything being wrong about this tank , seating position or comfort at all ( i already knew that from the previos x-road test i did , but also had a specific look about this ). It feels a lot more comfy than the d-trackers seating.

    The x-road was closely inspected from alex and myself , there were some very minors that we spotted ( and with minor we mean very small things, also Khun pariya was with us and noting all this ), they will be sorted and by Friday or Saturday Alex will have his X-road at his Home.

    here some pictures of today:





    Alex & X-road










    All in all it was very nice to have a good look on the bike and meeting up with Alex. Hope we meet up in the future riding our x-road's too :)

    happy trails,

  24. alexbrouwer1

    alexbrouwer1 Member

    The visit yesterday to the Tiger factory was a very pleasant one, meeting there with Khun Pariya and Mbox. Really impressed with what i saw there.

    We did yesterday about 5-6 km totally around the Tiger factory on the X-road, and the bike was a good ride.
    Suspension was good and comfortable for normal road use, the seat was a big surprise, much better then a D-tracker seat, very comfortable.
    About the fueltank being to big, i thought it was okay how it is now, not to big. The dashboard is just a simple digital one with only a little information.
    The brakes are very good, standard are steel braided brake lines on the bike.
    As Mbox already said, there are a few little things that were picked up (some already noticed by Tiger theirselves) and will be sorted out.
    Biggest issue was we both felt that the engine was not delivering full power, but holding back.
    Tiger will put the bike on the test bench (Fuchs) and see how the power and torque curve is.
    The little luggage rack on the back of the bike was a new design and looks much better then the original design on the first pictures.
    But in general not bad at all for a first bike build by Tiger.
    As it looks now the bike will be delivered to my house on Saturday.

    Another ride that really surprised Mbox and myself was the big scooter, the Gmax 150, a very nice ride. If you are looking for a PCX kind of scooter, then you should have a look at this Gmax too before you make a decision, specially with the reconditioned ones Tiger has for sale for a discounted price (with low kilometers).
  25. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Congratulations on the new X-Road Alex!

    Hope I can come down and take it for a spin one of these fine days :thumbup:

    I have to say it's a very nice bike to look at- wonder if it performs as well as it looks?

    I think those are new grips and bar ends, yes? NICE!

    And it comes with steel lines stock? NICE!

    The new luggage rack comes standard? NICE!

    Hell of a value for only 89-99k Baht with a THREE year warranty!

    Happy Trails!


    ps. Make sure they don't forget to include your mirrors! :lol-sign:
  26. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Tony, The x-road also comes with rear view mirrors but i think it will be mounted after it is being delivered in order to avoid breakage.
    What you see on the last pictures is all included: handlebar ends, the steel lines, luggage rack.

    About the performance, it felt a bit restricted so there is definitely more juice available than we felt yesterday.
    I am pretty sure this Baby can fly too :) Some mod is in order...but it'll see the Dyno also, to have this better tuned.


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