Xaisomboune to Hatkhai

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  1. I'm told there is a good ADB road between Xaisamboune and Hatkhai that isnt on Dave's map. Has anyone been on this road? It looks like a good way to get from Phonsavan back to Vientiane.

  2. Mike
    You'll have to wait until next week when you can have a copy of my new Laos map - there's quite a few new roads on there in & around Xaysomboune.
    I have not been able to check em all out yet, but I do know the roads exist & the network in & around Xaysomboune is growing all the time.
    Maybe Klaus at Trekking Central Laos

    How's the Transalp going over there?

    Keep The Power On
  3. Dave,

    Transalp is doing fine. Even have Lao registration. Unfortuantely havent had an opportunity to do more than a couple of rides up to Vang Vien.

  4. Mike
    Vang Vieng sounds ok for an over night run for me next mid-late week.
    Should be in Vte late Tuesday.
    See you at the Kopchaideu / Bor Pen Nyang?
    Lost your phone number so give me a tingle late Tuesday, after work, on my Lao number.

    Keep The Power On
  5. Better late then never for a reply but this road exists and should be OK. The new road was officially opened in 2006 and runs from Xaysomboun District (actually from Ban Thongkhoun)to Hom District (Ban Thamdin). From Ban Thamdin it should be a short hop (1-2 km. or so according to my source but road conditions are not known but probably OK) to the bridge near Longsane. From the bridge you have a few km of asphalt and then a large dirt road till you reach Hatkhai.

    You may have some problems with the military checkpoint near the bridge over the Nam Xan (next to the Nam Leuk power house) but if you come from Xaysomboun I guess this will not be a problem. When we went last year from Hat Khai to Longsane we had no problems as we had a few of their buddies with AK 47's in the back of the truck.
  6. If it's the same road I'm thinking of then it does exist. Joins onto 13B north of the Phu Kham mine (Approximately 10 - 20km short of Moung Cha (Xaisomboune). I think a fair proportion of it has been tarred??

    This will be the main route for shipping copper concentrate out from the mine when they start production in 2008. They were talking about something in the order of 30-40 truck movements a day down the road once the mine kicks off so get in now before the traffic gets bad!

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