Xang - Xanamkham

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  1. Xang to Xanamkhan.

    Did this report in a bit of a hurry. But youll get the idea.

    Its about 180km's, good road/track for dirt bikes.

    The first photo shows the turn off at Xang on HWY13, and just on the right as you enter that turn off is a small drink and food store. This is a good place to buy supplies for the trip.

    There got everything you need, cakes and donuts and more importantly water.

    Once you leave here, there's only hardcore jungle food, and no bottled water .

    Quality riding nutrition.

    The start of the road heading south.

    The first 40km's or so, you follow a mountain range with towering pecks like this.
    The cloud and rain blocked the view a bit, but after 5 hot dusty riding days, were you had to stop each time a car went passed and wait for the dust to clear, the damp conduction's were a treat.

    The rain had made the road really slick, it was like ice in some spots.

    The first 40 km's the road was pretty much like this.

    Rice field.

    You also ride next to this river for a while.

    Love these bridges.

    Cabbages anyone? These two are definitely the "fresh food people".

    All the towns along the way, had pigs, cows and buffalo's roaming around the houses and roads.
    There was crap every were, and smelt terrible
    Every report must have a photo of cattle blocking the road.

    Plenty of greenery.

    My little camera doesn't show just how big these mountains are.

    This sloppy clay on hard packed, was so slippery.

    No trouble when your got a six wheel drive logging truck.

    About 70km's in, the road started to deteriorate. There was plenty of sections like this that went for 2 km's at a time. You just had to keep the bike upright as possible, and drive it like a rally car. Bloody good fun.

    At least the local ducks know what side of the road there supposed to be on.

    The photo doesn't show just had steep this was. There no stopping half way.

    I was not yet half way, and was told by a school teacher that it was impossible the get through to Xanamkhan, because the road was blocked due the rain.
    The sun was now out, it was hot and humid, and Id been riding at times trough mud and shit in second gear while paddling with my feet.
    I was out of donuts, and didn't had much water, but decided to venture on any way. I mean how bad could get.
    I had to stop and buy what ever fluid I could get at small shops like this.

    You know its a big steep, slippery hill, when the guy the drives the tractor prepares the track before making an attempt.

    Around this time I knew I was going to be late for dinner. And started to think maybe the teacher new what she was talking about. Would this slippery stuff ever end.

    Tyres weren't doing much.

    Ridding trough a small town I noticed a shop selling bananas....real food, so I brought 30 bananas, keep some for me, and with the rest feed the local kids.

    A lot of concentration is needed when peeling bananas.

    I left my banana eating friends and continued south.
    All of a sudden there before me a large swimming pool appeared, with a naked nymph holding up an icy cold bottle of lao beer.....calling to me, Rex Rex turn of your bike, take off your cloths and come join me. WOW what an offer, but as I reached for my belt buckle, I realized it was a mirage, and the cool pool was more mud, and cute naked beer holding nymph, was a dirty old buffalo.
    Oh why the does mind play such cruel tricks.

    Best way though here was two feet right of the bulls balls.

    It Finley happened. The only good line was also a bad line. Were was that nymph when I really needed her.
    It was stuck, but the approaching dogs from a farm, gave me a little extra incentive to get it out in a hurry.

    To think women go to spa's and pay people to put this stuff on there faces.

    I was now wishing I hadn't been so quick to hand out the bananas, I was all out, and had half a litter of water left, when I came across this bridge. This is not the bridge over troubled waters, but bridge out of troubled waters. From here on the track became dry and eventually with 20 km to go, turn in tar.

    Arrived in Xanamkham, booked to a small guest house which was next door to a bike wash.
    So gave the bike to the young fellas to make new again.
    tr29. tr31.

    They did a good job, and all for 5000kip.

    Obvisley the big disappointment about this ride was the nymph not being real.
    But this was a good hard ride. And very technical. With a lot of tricky sections. I wouldn't bother doing it in the wet season.
  2. Moto-Rex
    Nice one alright. Love the commentary & piccies - you're a star on GT Rider.
    I hope you reward yourself with a few nice cold Beer Lao at the Wind West now. :wink: :wink:
  3. Moto-Rex

    You know every time i'm reading your guys jungle report, i get jelous, you have so much fun, i wish in some day i would have similar experience but first of all i need the bike or work firts, but in the mean while i do enjoy your guys contributing so we who cant do this now, can enjoy,,

    really nice stuff

    btw: i totally agre about Mudd on the face thing,, womens pay big bugs for that,,,
  4. Great report Rex and a good show of tenacity. It is also a reminder to the older guys like me of why we don't ride off road in the wet. :lol:
  5. Great stuff Rex. Loving your reports!!
  6. Hi Rex,

    Same as Marco you gave envie ...
    Great report, wonderfull pictures and comments, I like it specially watching it from my home country...Plane should be in ........16 days !!!!
  7. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Riding on my own I cant get riding action photos unfortunately.
    But think these shots give you an idea of what its like.

    Cheers Moto-Rex
  8. great pix!!!

    it looks exactly the same as last year when i did that route, although backwards....

    where you said it doesnt look too steep, no turning back halfway up...pretty sure i remember coming down it, all slime mud covered, rear wheel swapping position with front, thinking the same thing, except SCRUB SPEED,ahhh...it doesnt look too steep from down here!! if you were going up, that trail would have been winding to your right, correct? pretty sure same.....

    also remember thinking the exact words..can there be ANY more of this?!?!?! and as you can attest, YES!! damn fine day, all told.

    Love the foto's and great comments. off road forever!!!!!

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