Xayaboury New Road

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    100206 - KPL News

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    KPL) Construction on a new 54 km road between Phiang district and Thongmixay district in Xayaboury province, will begin in the next month.
    The construction process will be implemented in two phases, with the first from Navaen village to the border between Phiang and Thongmixay districts, over 26 km, to be constructed by the Douangchaleuan Bridge and Road Construction Company at a cost of US$1.7 million.
    The second phase will run from the border between Phiang and Thongmixay districts to the centre of Thongmixay district, over a length of 28 km, with construction by the Agriculture and Industrial Development State Enterprise worth US$2 million.
    Once completed in 2008, these roads will be accessible all-year round.
    The signing ceremony to commence construction was held last week in Xayaboury province, between the director of the construction company and the Deputy Head of the Army General Department.

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