Xena intelligent security 110dB alarm disc lock. Sold out..

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  1. Imported Xena intelligent security 110dB dicc-lock alarm model XR1 & XZ1. New in the box, AUTO-ARM /DIS ARM, shock and movement sensors. Better to keep your bike safe than gone! Comes with spare battery pack, 3 keys, 1 pouch, 1 allen key.Far better than any disc lock or alarm I have seen in Thailand. Can e.m.s
  2. Rich, just the one, or are you selling them commercially? I might have a few off you....
  3. Muzz, I have four of them left.
  4. Richard, I'll take two! How shall we do this? I'm in BKK. Thanks

    PS: You got them in yellow???
  5. Give me a call ... I can ems them you could possibly collect them from the girlfriend, as she works in Bkk.
  6. Hi
    Rich i send you a PM
  7. Thanks for replies. :D
  8. Thanks Richard,

    Prompt service and a happy customer.....


  9. No problems Muzz, as you know they are alot better than any disc lock available here in Thailand...and judging by the amount of stolen bikes that are appearing on here it's better to be safe than sorry. :D
  10. Richard, this sounds like a worthwhile investment. As you're in Pattaya, can you drop one off at our restaurant please?
    Nooddi - The Noodle Bar
    555/5-6 Beach Road
    It's right on Beach road, next to Royal Garden Plaza (watch out for Pan Pan Italian Rest. next door)

    If you can deliver tomorrow early evening, my wife will be there. Call 038 711 321 and ask for Khun Kai.
  11. Hi
    I tried to send him PM, no reply
  12. HDMANN, I have not recieved any PM from yourself.....although I have from 2 other members? beattheswiss, I aint too sure what time I will be back from Chantantaburi today?, but I will give Kai a call later in the day reguarding the possibility of tonight, thanks Richard.
  13. Hi Richard
    OK sorry about that, something did not work then, if you still have 1 left i will like to buy it, i can put the money in your account and if you can send it to Phuket, (if you still have 1)
  14. Sorry.... sold out of all the new in box locks. Although I do have a spare XR1 lock taken off a bike I sold(about 10 hours use) complete with spare batteries, instruction book, allen key, pouch and 3 keys. If interested.
  15. HI Richard
    I send you a PM (i hope)
  16. Hey Rich!

    I got mine tonight; thanks a lot for your efficient delivery service! I haven't actually tried it yet, but I'm sure it'll work just great. My 85-year old landlady next door wouldn't appreciate me testing the 110dB siren at this hour... :lol:
  17. Thanks for the compliment. It was a hectic couple of days posting and delivering to various places, many thanks Richard.
  18. Thanks Richard,
    Mine safely received, well packed and promptly delivered.
    Looks very solid, works as stated, although I have found it a litte sensitive, goes off with a gust of wind when the bike parked. But turns itself off so not a problem, probably a good warning to people not to mess with the bike.
    Cheer, John
  19. Glad you got it John ...It does say that dependant on lock positioning on the actual disc varies the sensitivity of the sesors on the alarm... if the lock is positioned at the base of the disc it is less sensitive to movement or visa-versa. Thanks Richard.

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