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  1. I was looking at asiabikes homepage and found this Yamaha xjr 400 that i for some reason liked. The year is 1996 and the price is 70000. I think it can be a bike that i can use for my long distance driving to chiang mai and udon.
    Do anybody know if that is an ok price for the bike, and do anybody know if Asiabikes is an ok dealer??
    Finally, if anybody from Asiabikes are reding this i would like an answer on the E-mail i sent you.
  2. 1996 xjr400 with plate number and the price is 70,000. I think is a good deal.
    But for long distance like that I think you should get CB400SF.
  3. i agee with gixxer- i had an xjr400 on loan for a couple of weeks- fun bike around town (not bkk), lots of power, manuevers well, mine stopped real quick. but on a long ride, i guess if you're young and limber and dont mind stopping to stretch every
    hour or so, go ahead. it wont be real comfortable though.
    sorry, cant help you with asiabikes...

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