XR 650R for sale

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  1. Honda XR 650R for sale.
    Hi folks this is my first post and I wish it was not to advertise my XR as its a beaut of a bike. i am starting a bizz up north and need the cash. its a 2004 model I got of Mark Rossi and have had for a while,I dont ride it much as I spend most of my time ripping around Pia on my diamondback downhill bike. I put a White Bros pipe on it and bar raisers, it has street wheels and runs well with crisp, hard acceleration and positive handling , I will consider reasonable offers tho I would like to sell for around 100 000 baht, I would consider swapping it for a CRF 450/250 Xor R or anything like that.
    With off road wheels it would make an ideal weekend bike for some living up north where the law is more relaxed My email is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] 080 614 5316 is my phone number I have some vids of it on youtube it sounds great with the pipe

    The only papers it has are copies of the parts invoices it was assembled from, in all the time I have been here I have not had any probs with the Bill( Cops )
    except one in CM who asked me to wheelie it one morning.
  2. Hi Thomas,

    Do you possibly have a few pics of the bike, and is it registered in your name, does it have a green book?


  3. Her are two vids the first of it running and the second of a walk around.
    The bike is in Pai and idealy would be converted back into off road mode with dirt wheels and kept for bashing the hills

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