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  1. So if i´m looking for a Honda xr 650r, where should i look? I also look for a Honda fmx 650 but i´m not sure i can find one in Bkk.
    I also wonder why the prices for the Suzuki drz 400sm are so high. I can get a 2007 model in Europe for 250 000 bath but in Bkk i have to pay the double (480 000) and it´s a 2005 model. I find that very strange, but if someone out there want to enlighten me i would be very thankful.
  2. Our local bike shop in Phuket has just sold one, while his prices seem expensive, bikes don't last long, normally sold in a couple of weeks, XR650R now sold, has an XR250 for sale. Just got in a 750 Shadow shaft drive, Dec 2006. All bikes have Green Book

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... rms=xr650r
  3. There is a XR650R Motard for sale here in Chiang Mai. Contact
    "Big & Tall" Justin on this Web Board as he has seen it. Not sure of the Details but i think 180.000 Baht? I agree with the DRZ400 being over the Top in Price but this is Thailand. New BMW GS650 is 50,000 Baht more??
    I was looking at a New XT660R in NZ for 300.000 Baht, i am just trying to work out how to get it here without getting Ripped Off???
    Cheers Ian.
  4. TAXES TAXES and more Taxes make bike expensive here.
  5. 480,000 for a 2005 Suzuki 400cc DRZ SM is very expensive i think about 300-350,000 at the max... look around but why not get a Kawasaki it's the exact same engine and would be cheaper. I have seen Honda XR 400 SM'S 2005/2006 going for between 210,000 and 260,000 without a book.
  6. you're right, big bikes are way too expensive, that's why I stick with my pocket rocket CBR150R. You can buy one brand new from any dealer, with registration, get parts and service, low tax and insurance. It even goes 140km/h (when the wind is right) and uses only 3L/100km. I already did 700km on one day with it, and a 3000km Cambodia trip.
    Would I like to have a 650 Enduro, an SV650 or some exotic KTM or an Aprilia? You bet, but it's just too darn expensive!!
  7. Hmmm...I was at Nippon Motor Bikes (in Pattaya) about 3-weeks ago. They had a 2006 DRZ400 with 3700km for sale. I recall 'Joe' was asking about 240,000-Bt. It was my impression that was with license, but not sure on the latter.
  8. Wow. Thank you very much, all of you. I will look into this nippon motorbikes shop. Do they have an adress/web site?
    I do drive a Kawasaki already and i have to say that i love my D-tracker, but like most motorbikers i need bigger, faster and and... faster. The drz might not be a fast bike but i like the looks of it and after what i have heard it´s one of the best sm bikes on the market today. By the way!! If anybody is interested in Kawasakis im in contakt with the nr 1 dealer i Thailand. I was offered the 2007 model kx450f (the one james stuart have in super cross) for 250000 bath. I know it sounds tricky but it´s not. The d-tracker 05 goes for 130000 including registration and free check up every mounth. when i think about it i might just get the kx450f instead.
    Thanks for al the help dudes. Drive safe.
  9. Hi Friends,

    Just as indication, there are SUZUKI DRZ 400 in perfect conditions with a 3 month warantee and Green Book done after 3 month are:

    -DRZ400 S (2005 Model) : 240.000 TBH
    -DRZ 400 SM (2005 Model): 280.000 TBH

    Bikes are imported directly from Japan for taxes reasons and are reassembly at RED BARON BKK

    From the experience I have from this shop (I know them from about 6 years already) they are very reliable even if inflexible (maybe too Japanese...) but sometimes it is better.

    Mechanics are professional, they have a Dynojet working and they know how to use it.

    They work for a lot of high ranked rich Thai people who can afford Goldwings at 1.350.000 TBH, with care and service.

    Once again, I can say that I recommand this shop.
  10. Thank you Laurent.
    I have actually decided to go and look at the bikes at Red Baron in 2 weeks. I think 280000 for the 400sm is a good price even for a 2005 model. I just hope i can sell my D-tracker for atleast 90000 so i don´t have to eat "som tam" for 6 mounths.
    Anyway, thanks for the help.
  11. Bodisatwa,

    I sent you an email ebout an XR 650 here in Chiang Mai. Good luck.
  12. Yes i got the Mail. Sounds pretty good. If it´s possible, just give me the number to the dude that have the bike. I would like to see some pics too before i go to pick it up.
  13. Azoulay,

    Is your info. up-to-date? Do Red Baron have a new Dynojet? Their "old" dyno was not a DynoJet. My sources say it is broken and now only used for wheel alignment.
  14. Just rode a XR650 motard..680 bore..aftermarket pipe. and carby and air filter mods.
    Holy shit
    This thing is faster than Micheal Jackson chasing a school bus.
    What a joy to ride..
  15. Indeed the XR 650 sounds like a very tempting bike to ride in this part of the world...
    However, does it come with a kick start? Or is this possible to fit one?
  16. Pee,

    The XR650R (there is an "L" model as well) is kickstart only. Never ridden one, was attracted by the power but then came down to earth and thought about things. I am 44, 1.78M, 80KG and ride/crash an XR400. This is hard enough work in the dirt and, from memory of our last meeting, you are a little smaller than me..... but probably a much better dirt rider. Thing is, if you crash/fall, it's a big beast, you will be wasted from picking it up, THEN, it will take all your remaining energy to kick it over. Think about it mate and if you are up in CNX in the dry season, my XR is now a 440 and back to dirt style and we can go for a ride and swap bikes to see how you feel without having an electric foot - maybe it will help you make some choices!


  17. Hi Pikey,

    The XR 650 is "a big beast" you say... From what I have read so far it 's about the same weight as a XR400 or DRZ400: about 130-140 kg. Being a short, not very strong guy (you 're right I 'm about 1,70 meter tall, 65 Kg, 47 years old) I appreciate light, agile bikes with torque and power -even on tarmac. This is why I am attracted by the XR650.
    Now, the electric/kick start issue. If I had to choose between electric only and kick only, I 'll definitely go for kick only. For 3 years the only bike I used to ride in Thailand was an SRX6 Yamaha, 600cc single cylinder, kick start only. It's a bit demanding especially in Bangkok when going shopping with a girl-friend: stop and start every 200 meters... However I reckon it helps somehow to stay fit and healthy. It's a sort of health incentive barometer.
    I have choosen the DRZ 400 versus XR400 because a kick start can be fitted on the Suzuki. It cost me about 18000 Bahts.And I appreciate it. Right now there is an electric problem on my DRZ, but I am not stacked. Good thing as I plan to put the bike on the Chiang Mai bound train tomorrow and then ride to Lao. Unfortunately I won't be able to stop in Chiang Mai this time. I will blast straight to Chiang Khong to cross the border there.My visa has almost expired and I must rush outside of Thailand to apply for a new one in Vientiane. But I want to ride the top north of Lao(north of Phongsali around Ou Thai). It's supposed to be a beautiful area and that will turn the hassle of a "visa run" into an enjoyable trip. I hope. However I keep your dirt ride idea in mind. We 'll have a chance to go for it another time. Dry season is only starting.
    By the way I am not an experienced dirt rider. I have started riding in the dirt only 4 years ago. It's mostly for touring purpose... I think this is the best way to discover this part of the world!
    Alternatively I could upgrade the DRZ. Red Baron owner has got a DRZ400 SM. He has fitted a Yoshimura exhaust(about 40 000 Bahts), Yoshimura carburator, changed camshaft. He reckons the beast can now deliver 55hp.
    Anyway I better pack while Red Baron mechanics hopefully solve my electric problem.
    Till next note, best regards

  18. All of the 650s here are kickstart.
    Pikey is right.. if you intend to do a lot of offroad.the falling off and trying to kick it on the side of a mountain isnt a lot of fun..
    soon wears ya out..and get pissed off.
    still like the power and the greyhound look.
    think they would make a good adventure bike.
    just need a bit of a place to put some gear..bit limited
    look at BMW.650..all set up and yam 660.good adventure bikes
    but still not the same as blasting it in the forest.
    the DXR looks good .....55 hp hmmm
  19. Hi Ivan,

    About the DRZ 400... You 'll get 55 hp after adding a lot of expensive parts. The stock bike delivers about 45 hp. I am very happy with it. I use it as an "adventure bike" as you say. Not a lot of place to carry gear but if you value minimalism this is an advantage. Still, I consider the XR 650 with time on my hands. Best way to buy.The kickstart only isn't really a bad point unless "on the side of a mountain". Being a short guy(1,70 m) it could be a problem.

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