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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for an XR400 4 stroke engine, carbs and pipe.
    Any ideas where to look. also consider 250.based in phuket, have frame wheels etc, original taken out for gokart.
  2. Me too for 4 years ! they are proverbial rocking horse feathers,.seriously though i cant remember the last time i saw a 250 or a 400 engine for sale, email bove at flying bikes phnom penh,slim possibility,...
  3. Cheers for that...full of joy...what about the importers in Bangkok of Jap stuff..or do they only bring in kits?
  4. possibility of a 250, 400 forget it !
  5. Hi Mike,
    Is singapore an option, just bringing in as spares or too much red tape?
    What about your stuff from Indo or is that just new bikes? Do you come across 400's?
  6. the stuff in indo fell out of bed, i wasnt comfortable with the supplier,. im, off to cambodia in 3 weeks ill have a look there for you, wont be a problem importing an engine, only a full bike, i sent a ktm 525 to phnom penh,. customs hit me for $3500 !, thailand is worse
  7. cheers Mike appreciate the help.

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