XT1200Z Super Tenere

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  1. Has anybody bought one of these? They look OK on paper and in the showroom, shaft drive, large tank, comfort, half-decent weather protection, hard luggage. Seems to tick all the right boxes. Is it a fat, over-weight, lazy pig to be avoided at all costs or a nimble little twinkle toes? Slightly updated model coming here December 2014, full options, I think 14 different bits of clagged on tat with various degrees of usefulness for 920,000B. Be interest to hear what anybody has to say. Or should I just chip in another 140k and buy an F6B?
  2. It's got ADV bike looks but is way too heavy to actually go off road. At 636 pounds curb weight it's the heaviest of the ADV bikes. A capable road touring bike but if you're looking for something sporty and nimble this isn't it. :)

    The new Thai-manufactured BMW F800GS will trounce the big Tenere easily and save you some 400k baht!

    A shame Yamaha doesn't offer the Tenere 660 in Thailand- that is a ripper of a bike!!!
  3. I have ridden one quite a lot ,it is a nice bike but for the road, to heavy for off road unless your very talented (I'm not) I bought a new ktm 1190 adventure in April this year I have done 10,000 + miles still to heavy for serious off road ( I think this applies to all the big adv bikes) but a really good bike thinking of shipping it to Thailand one year
    Totally agree re 660 Terene it can do everything well impressed when I rode it.
    Safe riding
  4. I was looking at replacing the FJR with the S10. The only think that puts me off BMW is the rumours about the servicing. Is Bangkok the only place with a BMW dealership? A capable road touring bike is more what I am after Tony, being a bit slower than FJR isn't all that bad either. Nui at Yamaha in Khorat said he might give me a test ride on his S10. He more or less told me to keep the FJR which is odd for a saleman. I don't think the 800GS could replace the FJR but it might compliment it rather well. KTM is stupid money in Thailand, how are they reliability wise these days? KTM used to stand for Keep Throwing Money. Mind you BMW used to stand for Boring Miserable Wanker now every man and his dog have one. Maybe I should just wait and see what this Kawasaki H2 is all about.
  5. I did a lot of research before buying my KTM 1190 as I knew it would be used for lots of miles and it came out on top of BMW surprisingly.Now nearly 11,000 miles and no problems yet ,used no oil but I suppose a good Japanese bike takes some beating and if the numbers are a guide it's got to be a BMW ��
  6. Why are BMWs so popular? Aren't they the best selling bike in their class in the UK? The R1200RT has suspension issues, the K1600 has water pump problems, and an assortment of various randon electrical/electronic issues seem to plague a lot of the other models. I had an ex-police R80RT years ago I bought for a few hundred quid, that was a good bike. I will have a look at KTM, maybe I dismissed them too quickly. Did you look at Japanese bikes or only European ones?
  7. The BMW's are getting a whole lot more popular over here, now that the F800's are assembled here and the price has dropped by over 250Kbaht. Barcelona has a dealership here in Chiang Mai. I have owned the R1200GS, the F800GS, an S1000RR and couple of F650GS and now the F800R. I have never had a breakdown and the only warranty issue was a faulty fuel gage sensor on the 1200GS. The quality of most components and the finish is well above the budget Kawas and Honda's that are assembled here. They are certainly quirky and not everyone likes the looks, but reliability has never been an issue for me and I have travelled approximately 150,000km on the various BM's. Having said that I have never had a breakdown on any of the new Kawasaki's, Honda's, or Yamaha's that I bought and ridden over here either.
  8. This year in spring, I really wanted to buy the XT1200 ZE. After the second test, I drove straight to the BMW dealer and bought one of the last air cooled GS1200. Even for german roads the bike is too heavy. If you don't care at all about corner speed and if you do only long distance rides you may like it, because it is very comfortable. But it is also kind of boring. Seems like less weight is more fun. More weight is more comfortable and less fun.

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