Yamaha 225 enduro buying and registering?

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  1. Is anyone familiar with this bike. I am looking to do some light touring and want to keep options of off road available. I have found a good clean bike for 37,000. No plates. Also on this web site it states plates and or registration will cost from 50- 70,000 baht is that 50,000 or 50 and if so what is the insane difference in costs for. I am trying to decide if it is worth my buying a bike for the 6 months I am here or should I rent. Unfortunetly first priority is cost. I have looked at severl links from site but nothing gives a good idea towards cost.
    Thanks in advance Josh

  2. The bike is a Yamaha Serow. I just sold one. Nice bike for a short rider, a bit low on power.

    50,000 baht and up is a valid number. No chance of getting a registration unless you have the import papers on the bike.

    Read this thread for info on a buy/sell option.
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