Yamaha 250 ccm Enduro for sale ...

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  1. I try again.
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  2. Peter,

    Just an FYI your link was not working for me. Is it a Raid or Open Enduro model?

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  3. Hello Big & Tall its right not working ??????´



    This bike is in Chiang Mai by Joe. 053 251186 Engine new, new tire, and the rest in a very good condition. [8D]

    With invoice paper - no number plate.
  4. Peter,

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I'll stop by Joe's tomorrow to take a look at the bike. How much are you asking for it, how many kilometers on it, and what work was done to the motor?

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"

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