Yamaha's keeping at it - MT-07 -14!

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  1. I have to say the MT-09 styling is more spot on, but this sure looks like fun to me :D
    700cc twin 'n 75hp... looking forward to hear the reviews on this one...

  2. To follow up on the enormous interest in this thread i feel compelled to mention one other thing. This bike is cheap! Where i'm from (Sweden...) it's listed roughly 700€ lower than the Honda cb500's and the ER6n and just 500€ more than the Ninja 300.. Lets hope Yamaha starts to produce some of these MT's here in Thailand....
  3. Hi DaRider, yes they finally started to get innovative again after their financial troubles from the past years. I just wonder into how many EU countries they will start importing the jap-spec. SR400, in my homecountry Austria the thumper is already advertised for sale. Keep it coming !
  4. Interesting about the SR, how much do they sell for?
  5. Sorry DaRider but price for the SR400 has not yet been published but I found in some descriptions that Yamaha will import only limited numbers and price will not be cheap, maybe they are testing the market for them. Just look what the indian made Royal Enfields cost in the EU and I do not think the SR will be far from these prices. On a personal note, I have in Oesterrike (Austria) a 1978 SR500 which I bought earlier this year and also did some overhaul so now she runs perfectly. Keep in mind that the new SR400 is practically unchanged to the last models of the SR500, they just added Fuel Injection and some other gizmos they need to pass emissions tests. Start is still by Kick-start, no E-start available nor in EU nor in Japan......:p:mrgreen:
  6. I just came across the 2014 SR400 on a Swedish site.
    It's priced exactly the same as the MT-07, at 6700 and some €. My guess is the MT will be the better selling one... Still a joy the SR as a "new" bike option though.
  7. Also found out the price of the SR400 in Austria, similar to Sweden a hefty Euro 6,599.- but this includes all the taxes such as 20% VAT and 6% NOVA; that's a special tax on vehicles, the bigger the more. Net the SR would be Euro 5,188.- which translates to around net THB 230,000.-.
  8. Sorry Marcel, no, no definite answer to that, there's always rumours flying around but they don't even inform their sales stuff of what's going to happen......There's many things one can't understand from a financial view of what their policies are. For example there would be nothing more exciting of bringing the whole range of MT bikes in (MT03,07,09) and for people who do not want to chip in more cash than a car costs, there would be the super reliable and comfortable XJ6 series which are selling great elsewhere, the SR400, XT660, WR450, YZ series, some cruiser; although they will bring in the Bolt which translates to in other countries the so called XV950 if I remember right.
  9. So any news from Yamaha Thailand on the possible introduction of the MT-07 in Thailand??
  10. Sorry Klaus (if I may reply to your inquiry to brake034) also about that bike I have no answer as I didn't talk to them for some time already. I only believe what I see & when I see the first one on their shopfloor in CNX.
  11. The SR400 is definitely a bike worth having - it's a classic, it's light, it's reliable and economic. I rode a SR500 about 30 years ago, it was a cool bike even then.

    But if the price is the same as a modern 690cc FI 75hp twin that weighs the same even this old fart would go for the MT!
  12. So, here is the first-ride review from MCN;

    I want one...
  13. Looks like Yamaha has made a turn in the right direction. Great new products and decent prices.
    As for the MT07 availability in Thailand, at the moment they are concentrating on the MT09, not arriving until May this year. Khun John, the lead guy in Yamaha big bike sales Thailand was at the recent MT09 launch party in Chiang Mai. He was asked about the MT07 and he indicated that it is likely to arrive here next year. No idea about timing or price yet. Yamaha was planning to launch the MT09 at 460,000 baht, but reduced the price to 435,000 to be closer to the Kawasaki Z800.
  14. Im in the UK i test rode a MT09 last year its superb ,, yamaha dealers have not got MT 07 yet but when they do i will test it out .
  15. Test rode an MT 07 in UK yesterday ,its a better bike than the excellent MT 09 very light but good brakes and handling and very torquey loads of power , its a winner just needs an after market pipe ...
  16. If the 07 will cost as much as the SR400 I'll be in serious trouble! :)

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