Yamaha big bike showroom in Bkk moved?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by FrankT, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Yamaha used to have a showroom for big bikes behind Esplanade on Rachada road but when I went there last saturday it wqs empty, Yamaha signs had been removed and around it a lot of construction was going on.
    Does anybody know where the showroom is now?
  2. Sorry Frank, don't know where they moved to but once I'm at Yamahasquare up here I'm gonna ask Aod if he knows and reply. One thing is sure, they had this year a very tight budget and no real activity sponsored by them took place, saving money wherever possible. News I got from Aot are that next year will bring all new models back to their showrooms such as updated R1, T-Max 530 and as a replacement for the FZ6 they'll import the FZ8 which should be the perfect tourer for some; not as heavy as the FZ1 and much more power than the FZ6. Still no word about the XT660, WR250/450, SR400,......rgds, Franz
  3. Hi Franz,

    Thanks and yes I saw the new WR450 in press reports, could be a great bike to bridge the gap between the KLX and the big/expensive KTM's here, pleased to hear once you have found out more.



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