Yamaha big bikes riding tests this week????

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  1. Passing by Yamaha Shop in CNX, I was told that on the 27th of October (yes, tomorrow!) "they" organize free road tests on Yamaha big bikes... But then "they" spoke too of the 1st of November... So I didn't understand if it should be all week long or just these days or what...

    Special staff and bikes from BKK hought to be there...

    Someone heard already about this event?
    Maybe I have a jump tomorrow.

  2. Yep, was at the MotoGP party last night with a bunch of other GT riders and locals and the Yammie boys mentioned it. I think it runs from today until the end of the month or maybe 1/11.

    BTW, the Yamaha guys are really into the bikes and the whole scene - great night last night with a big screen, free beer & grub and coyote dancers to boot!


  3. Good idea, promote the bikes by coming to your town so you can try them out. But I'm not interested in their model range, if they would bring in the 600 supermoto or another sub 600cc twin I'd be there. Kawa is smarter, bringing in several cheap 250cc models and the sexy ER6 for 300K THB - that should boost their market share!
  4. I had a go today... And that's it.
    So, bikes-show all the week long. From today the 27th to the sunday 2nd of nov.
    On sat. 1st and sun. 2nd of nov. free ride tests for all the models they import in Thailand.

    I had a loooooooooooong look on the FZ6 Fazer... 447 KB...
    600 cc, 98 hp... comfortable seat...
    Maybe, maybe...

  5. i bought a fz6 6 months ago - love it
  6. Hi Simon!

    Nice you love your FZ6... Happy for you...

    May I ask you, please:
    How is the feelling on the (sometimes not so good) tarmac of the "ordinary" roads by there? And through the trafic in the city?
    Have you already ridden with a passenger for some "1 or 2 hours" trip non-stop? In this case how was your feelling and the passenger's (butt) one?

    Wooooooooooooosh! Is Simon passing?..

  7. no matter the city or the open roads, once you get above 20kmph the bike is wonderful. east to change direction and control. below that i am still getting used to the weight compared to my little honda wave.

    the seat is fine, one day i went to thaton and back with a passneger it was fine. I get about 20km/lit for fuel compared to 50+ on the wave.

    dont know if that helps
  8. Any real big boys 1100 cc dragstar types and are they going to be available for sale?
  9. Thanks Simon for the reply.

    Great to hear that the FZ6 gives you nice rides. So that's OK for the passenger. Good...
    I worry a little about the roads here: some very bad joins and touches-up of the tarmac, especially in curves and on road-crossings... But you say that's OK fot you, so...

    I heard nothing about this Ray. No big chopper for sale yet, at least from what I saw and what I was told!

    Thanks friend and see you a next time on the road.
  10. Thanks I don't think that is the market they are going for. Probably smart I see a lot of sports type bikes these day wish I could ride one. With my back can't have them positioned to the reat and the constant bendng forward would kill me.

    Oh well I'm still broke maybe when I have money they can get one. :lol:
  11. Hi Ray,

    If you can find one, have a try with a FZ6...
    It's not a sport bike, but more a "kind roadster" or "naked tourer" if I can say. You are not bended over on your wrists with it. Arms, legs and butt relax and comfy IMHO...
    A good lot of power (98 HP) and a good torque even in low rev... But the engine is not "brutal", more linear till you rise the 7000 rev.

  12. Ray,

    Just to follow up what Gobs said: I have back problems and used to ride a VMax with extended foot pegs, i.e. chopper/cruiser style. On a long ride I would start suffering and be extra careful how I climbed off the bike and straightened up.
    The "naked" type bikes have the rider very slightly leant forward without the need to take the weight on your hands and wrists.
    Difference is: when you ride a chopper your back is curved and a lot of the weight is on the lower back area. Riding a "naked" bike your back is straight and much less weight on the lower back. Take a picture and see.
    Just a thought.
  13. Thanks Guys I will give that a try. Mines a wierd one neck and lower back. So it's kind of finding a balance I have manged that with modifying the drag star. But for me a 450 Klm ride is a killer even with the adjustments. Takes me about a week to gte over that why I'm not out and about a lot. From what I can see elliminate the back and they are definelty a better ride. Seem to handle a lot better then my beast.

    The ride where we met David in Dan Sai was the best ride I have had in Thailand. Enough non riding things going on to have fun. Short easy rides everyday. That was great I'm going to try my best to duplicate the experience on the me trip to Mae Hong Son and Cahing Mai this month taking two weeks to do it.

    Better shocks and corning no comparison.

    I've sit on a few I need to rent one for a few days and find out for sure.

    Of course in the end I will junk it up with the tour stuff, just me

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