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  1. Franz hope they do import big bikes. The Lady on the Yamaha stand at the Bangkok Motor Show said it should be happening mid 2007.

    Also a friend of mine was in a Yamaha shop in Chiang Mai recently and the guy behind the counter hinted something may be happening soon.

    I have been sending an email to Yamaha Thailand every 3 days but so far no reply
  2. Me thinks, unlike his claim. a certain Cyril Rouhani will not be running this operation. Good on Yamaha for having a go, I wish Suzuki would follow suit!
  3. Hi All,
    I am Truely Hoping that Yamaha does start selling New Big Bikes?
    This is the Bike i want. Yamaha XT660R. I am sure it would be well suited for the riding in Asia specially up here in the North. Back home in NZ amongst my other Bikes i had a XT500, XT550 & XT600. All were brought new and were Fantastic Bikes!!!
    I have Priced it in quite a few Different Countries and the Cheapest is Still in NZ, Approx 320.000 Baht. Even with Import Tax it will still be Cheaper than the BMW X-Challenge at 605.000 Baht. One Worry is the Rego as i have not had or heard of anyone else who has had an Easy Time with the Morons who handle that side of things?
    "If Brains were Dynamite they couldn't part their Hair"
    And of course How to get it here? If anyone knows anything or can get me a New one here for a Reasonable Price please let me know?
    Cheers Ian.
  4. Nice looking bike Ian,
    Will look up the specs on it.
    Wot do u think about the Honda 650r.
    Allways liked hondas.
    Can get one here for about $5000..NZ
    Then there is the proplem about getting it to Thailand.
    Might go for a ride on one and see how they go.
    Regards KEV
  5. XR650R is a Fantastic Bike, some of my Friends have them. Problem is they are Not Sold New anymore in NZ and from My knowledge for $5000 it would have to be a real Old Shitter in NZ. They still hold their Price because they aren't Sold anymore! So that leaves the XT660, it is a Great Adventure Bike compared to the XR more Race Orientated but anyway it is about avalibility. I have a European Yamaha Distributer arriving next month who is interested in a Dealership in Thailand as well but in the Worst case seems he maybe able to send me what i want through Singapore, the rest is up to me? Will wait and see what comes of the Meeting and his Prices? By the way he sells a Dakar Version of the 660R unavalible in our part of the World.
    Cheers Ian.
  6. Last summer went for a ride over to Miranda.
    Met up with a German guy riding a 2006 Yam 660.
    He ended up coming back to my place.
    I was on a BMW 800.
    Had no trouble keeping up..even at 150ks
    Good road that one.and best fish and chips ..lol
    He rented it..10 days..$2600 .plus gas
    Sort of expensive.
    Will have a look at XR650r..
    see if i can send u a link.
    Still like them..63bhp.with a few mods...REGARDS KEV
  7. The current Ride Thailand magazine has stories on Yamaha opening big bike shops soon in BKK (Ratchada), Chiang Mai and Phuket; and Kawasaki having already opened a big bike shop on Rama 9. I don't live in BKK so don't know what the shop is like, but the pics in RT look pretty good- Vulcans and Ninjas anyway.
  8. ..and Kawasaki I would like a Versys. w681h511_00000340453DD662.

    Not off-road but good enough for down here and trips to Kao Yai. I need something a bit more "sit-up"
  9. HI

    I think all the rumours are true. The Kawasaki Shop I have visited and they did have Ninjas on display but they were not allowed to sell them. They were only on display to check out the interest. The Vulcan 900 was for sale at quite a reasonable price.

    Here in Pattaya is some interesting thing happening. The very big MITYON company who have 38 shops in Pattaya and surroundings selling only small bikes are building a four story shop on Threprasith Road for new big bikes from Honda,Kawasaki,Suzuki and Yamaha. The shop will be ready in December and they are waiting at the moment for representatives from the factories to show up in Pattay to check out the facilities. The shop will be run by Akom Subwiaiya who is currently running the other Mityon shop on Threpasith and he is a very good man, speaks good English and I have done many deals with him and only good experince.

    With Mityon behind the shop I would assume that registration etc will be handled in a good manner. Mityon sells at the moment aprox 50.000 bikes a year so I assume that it is one of the biggest dealers in Thailand.

  10. Anymore news on the big bikes?
  11. As T.I.T., things take time, once they go public of opening some shop & do sales, it can take up to a year until something really is done.....as soon as I get news, I post it, I think all others too as everybody is eagerly awaiting some competition and choice in this market....cheers, franz
  12. First time I've seen one of those (XT660R) nice looking bike but those unprotected exhaust downpipes look like an accident waiting to happen if your into serious off roading.
  13. Maybe what you need is one of these new bad boys, a new XT660 Tenere.
    If they show up in a Thai shop, just may have to buy one myself! Mmmmmmm....


    Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, single cylinder, SOHC
    Displacement 660 cc
    Bore x stroke 100.0 x 84.0 mm
    Compression ratio 10.0:1
    Maximum power -
    Maximum torque -
    Lubrication system Wet sump
    Fuel System Fuel injection
    Clutch type Wet, multiple-disc coil spring
    Ignition system TCI
    Starter system Electric
    Transmission system Constant mesh, 5 speed
    Final transmission Chain
    Fuel tank capacity 22 L
    Oil tank capacity 2.9 L

    Chassis -
    Chassis: Steel tube diamond shaped
    Front suspension system Telescopic forks
    Front travel 210 mm
    Rear suspension system Swingarm (monocross)
    Rear travel 200 mm
    Front brake Double disc, Ø 298 mm
    Rear brake Single disc, Ø 245 mm
    Front tyre 90/90-21 M/C
    Rear tyre 130/80-17 M/C

    Dimensions -
    Length 2,246 mm
    Width 865 mm
    Height 1,477 mm
    Seat height 895 mm
    Wheel base 1,505 mm
    Minimum ground clearance 245 mm
    Dry weight 183 kg

  14. But why such a high seat, its the highest out of all the big trailies, alright for guys like you Robert, but this is even higher than the GS, presume there may be a lowering kit.
  15. Stone ugly in my opinion. Doesn't look too easy to attach touring gear either, but I'm sure they will have something available brand specific.
  16. I'm hanging in there for Kawasaki to bring in the Versys. That would solve your luggage issue Dave. Versys is capable of gravel/laterite etc. road work but is not a goat track kind of bike. So perfect for me here in BKK for general touring around.

    I may have to resort to making merit at the Wat:)

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