Yamaha bigbikes in Pattaya

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  1. Watcheron plaza a large Yamaha dealer is selling all Yamaha products , bikes, ATV, Boats ,Jetskis and big bikes they currently have FJR1300, FAZER 600,R6, TMAX and some dirt bikes in stock.

    located opposite tesco on Sukumvit Road next to True value .

  2. Monsterman, Could You please Provide Details of the Dirt Bikes??? I have never Heard of Any Yamaha Dirt Bikes on the Market in Thailand???
  3. I will drop in and have a look ,they are only 800m from my house
  4. Popped in yesterday.
    They have a good selection of jet skis and small bikes.

    Presently have only FZ1 and R1 on the floor. They may bring other models but have brochures and can order any model from Bangkok.
    Did'nt see any off-road bikes.

    They have details of 3 different 'hire-purchase' deals; one @ 3%, one @ 4% and one @ 0% if you pay off in 3 or 6 months. For foreigners also.

    They have or are setting up a service center which is good news and out front they are providing rider training.
  5. last week they had a trials bike and an enduro on display I think they were WRF and WRX models . and R6 and Fazer 600.
  6. Any further feed back on dirt bikes ? :?
  7. I went in today and asked about the 2 dirt bikes i saw last week , the sales girl was not sure about them but then a Thai guy came out and said they were display bikes lent by Yamaha only for temporary display one was a WRX 250 Super-moto the other was a WRF 250 enduro type competition bike they were not actually for sale and are not currently available but should be soon if Yamaha decide there is a demand.They have also recently sold a TDM 900 to a local expat.The Fazer600m is sold as well.
    There is big money behind this company so lets see if Yamaha can give them the goodies .
    I suppose it comes down to wether Yamaha decide to build bikes in Thailand as only then will they be truly competetive with Kawasaki.
  8. I went in a couple of weeks back and they had an R1 on show plus a T-Max. They showed me a WRF 250 on a web site and said you could order it, and they had some orders in already. Sorry I can't recall the price.
    A well laid out shop would make a good Yamaha MC showroom though they seem more interested in boats and jet skis! The missus bought a life ring for the swimming pool!! (Well it was her birthday!)

  9. ALthough this is a lon thread ....
    Be aware that this shop at Sukhumvit road, Pattaya is a "Yamaha Marine" dealer ..... NOT a motorbike dealer. The bikes are legally imported and import-tax has been paid but it might be a long wait to get a Green Book for these bikes.

    The last time I was there they did NOT have a mechanic for big motorbikes. For service they would bring a bike to Bangkok they said.

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