Yamaha Cup @ Airport Plaza

Mar 15, 2003
Stumbled across practice for "Yamaha Cup" racing behind Airport Plaza Chiang Mai today (Friday,27 oct. 06). They have layed out a large road race course by setting up a track bordered by car tires, (yes the usual safety measures, spectators about 1 meter from where the bikes will surely crash).

Modified Yamaha stepthroughs, but FAST! Sponsored teams, even have full leathers, a step above what we see at the CM Speedway.

Practice Saturday, racing beginning at 9:00AM Sunday. They said 4 races so I have no idea how that will work out schedule wise.

Not much of a spectator area as there is only two sides of the track you can watch from and no seats or stands as of today. Looks like some potentially good races though.

That's all I know. Oh yeah, bring an umbrella, no shade.

Dave Early

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Could be a good prelim to get the blood flowing for Sunday's MotoGP. I'd check out the practice but I've got to go to Mae Sae tomorrow but if anyone fancies checking out tomorrow's action and can suss the race times, stick a post here as it could form part of a mega-moto sunday - watch it live Thai style and then see how the big boys do it on TV from 5pm. Thanks a lot for the tip Dave.



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Oct 12, 2005
I'm gonna pop over there about 12:00 if anybody is going. Maybe even Luke can be pulled away from his apartment to walk the whole 100 yards there. or maybe he prefers to watch the DVD of "Friends" instead of motorbiking now?

Cheers all.
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