Yamaha Dragstar eleven limited for sale

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  1. Great looking Yamaha Dragstar eleven limited edition 2005 model for sale

    Well maintained and in perfect nick. Has a 100% legal greenbook

    260,000,- Baht

  2. Any chance of more information re; milage and who is selling and location. If possible more photo's.

    Cheers Ken F
  3. Hi Ken,
    It's a mate of mine selling it, it has 17,200 km on the clock verified all in all very nice bike.

    I will borrow it tomorrow and test it out, then take more pictures to post. I seen it and it is a very very clean bike. Anyway lemme test it out and give you a feedback.

    Cheers Bard
  4. Bart

    I am in Rayong now on holiday give me a ring 0860546670 maybe interested.

    Cheers Ken
  5. SOLD

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