Yamaha DT200 Enduro For Sale w Book+Plate 39,000b

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  1. When I got here a couple years ago, I toured Thailand on this bike from top to bottom. You can go anywhere on it, and since it has all the proper paperwork, borders are no problem. Nowadays I have no time to ride it.

    In the last year (after touring) I had the following done:
    -engine fully rebuilt, top and bottom end
    -new clutch installed
    -new paint job
    -lots of little stuff...

    The bike has plenty of power. Its comfortable riding on the highway, and alot of fun offroad.

    This bike has a good Green Book (ownership) and Number Plate, all legit! As you may know, that can be hard to come across. Also the taxes, and insurance is all paid up.

    I will be in Canada for the next few months but my wife can show the bike. You can email me for questions [email protected] or call her in Chiang Mai 087-184-5196 Sai. Not too early in the morning though please. We run a little bamboo bar called Lost Hut on the corner of Moon Muang Soi 1+ Soi 2, behind Mandalay Disco.
  2. I had a DT200 years ago, it's a riot! Up to about 5500rpm it runs well around town, open it up and it's hard to keep the front wheel down. Sold it and bought a XT400 after that and regretted it. Compared to the 2-stroke it was heavy and lame.
  3. Hahaa, ya its a fun bike alright. And it is good around town too. If you shift a little earlier instead of winding it out, its pretty tame around town. Or if you drive with the RPMs up, you'd better hold on tight! And its water-cooled, which I think makes it better for long trips, and probably longer engine life.
  4. Bike is still available...
  5. BIKE IS SOLD, Thailand Posted it to bangkok! No problems, 1,400thb! Thanks again to GT Rider for helping me sell another bike!

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