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Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by Tubber, Nov 12, 2014.

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    I completely missed this while browsing trough Intermot videos and was a bit surprised. That Yamaha, with two new apparently brilliant engines, wasn't showing bikes with those engines in new frames. Obviously i wasn't looking hard enough!

    This sure is a nice looking bike to me!


    Called MT-09 Tracer in the EU.

    Don't know if it shows up here though, sure hope it does. Does anyone have any insight on this?
  4. Tubber

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    Hopefully I will be going to a Yamaha dealer shortly and ask will him?
  5. DaRider

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    Let us know how it goes please.
  6. KenYam

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    It would also be great to be updated on arrival of Yamaha WR250 trail bike?
  7. Tubber

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    According to the guy at Yamaha in Khorat it will be here next year. Price not confirmed but more than the FZ-09 and probably around 500,000B mark. Some of the bikes they had there.


    A couple of Super Teneres. Been thinking about buying one of these but they are massive. I was intending to do some off-roading on it but no way. Maybe the 650 V-Strom would be more suited to that?


    Seen these Tricity things around as well, not sure what to make of them.






    Bolt with the FZ-09 in the background.


    T-Max with the Bolt and FZ-09 in the background.

    Hopefully next year will see more Yamaha models available. There is also a few more dealers around.
  8. Ian Bungy

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    The Black SR400 was a Limited Edition and all are gone I was Told do if someone wants one there it is! The Bolt is an Underrated Bike and Goes and Handles Extremely Well! The Super Tenere is indeed a Massive Motorcycle and Usless for anything but Long Hauls! The Tricity is a exercise in Engineering and will disappear very soon! The MT-09 is actually Overrated from all first hand accounts I have heard? The MT-07 is a Better Bike! Lets Hope the FJ-09 has improved the Many Faults of the MT-09! The T-Max, what can You say? The King of Scooters but Priced accordingly!
  9. Tubber

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    That's what Bike magazine in the UK said regarding the MT-09 and the MT-07. In the September issue their Bike of the Year was the MT-07, number 6 on the list was the MT-09. Makes a change from a BMW being No.1. The SR400 was at No.17 and the Honda Integra was at No. 26, which they reckoned was better than the T-Max. All very subjective. They are also doing a ride from Peterborough in the UK to the Suzuki factory on a V-Strom 1000 over 5 issues which makes for interesting reading. Nick Sanders would agree with you about the S10 as well. He uses it now rather than the R1 he used previously and views it very favourably.
  10. Tubber

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    He didn't know anything about the WR250 when I asked him.
  11. Franz

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    Trying since years to talk them into importing the WR but to no avail, given up already once I realised that Sales Managers have absolutely no influence on the BKK bigwigs who pull the strings and make decisions. But for MC riders they import (of course not street legal/plated) the YZF250 & 450 or will do so soon as shown on their website at Yamaha Riders Club, hopefully not again a stupid posting of one of their ignorant stuff such as with the YBR250. I wait for the lovely MT07 to come, did ride her and must say the best bike in years I have been riding with although only a short blast on a rural road for a mere 10 kms. But everything was perfect to me, ergonomics, handling, quality of finish and a marvel of an engine.................
  12. DaRider

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    Many thanks for the update.

    Now, eagerly awaiting any news on the MT-07 and also wondering if (or more like hoping) that engine also shows up in a similar style chassis.
  13. monsterman

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    tried an MT-09 in Uk very impressive engine and brakes but totaly crappy suspension ,, yamaha need to up their game ..
  14. Ian Bungy

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    Oh that's a Shame as it looks Cool! Of Course an Ohlins Shock and front springs or inserts aren't so Expensive!
  15. finnomick

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    There seems to be a strong rumour that Yamaha and Valentino Rossi will be at the new Buriram Race Circuit this weekend, the 7th and 8th of February. Yamaha have indicated they will be making an announcement regarding Yamaha's presence in Thailand. I've also read that it will be free to watch the practice session and then later meet the ' stars '. I'm already in my starting blocks because Buriram is only 50kms from our house. If I hear or see anything more I will post it.
  16. finnomick

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    Unfortunately the flyer is in Thai, but details for this weekend are as follows:

    friday 6th, 19:30, party and live bands

    saturday 7th, 15:00 The new Yamaha R3 plus a track event including the factory riders
    17:00 Buriram Utd v Pichit
    18:45 Live music outside the stadium/racetrack

    sunday 8th 10:30 Meet and greet the ' stars '

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