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    (Time to let go of my FJR as I do not have the time for touring anymore and the bike is idling in my carpark.
    It was a more than perfect bike for riding up from Rayong to CNX but right now I'm not riding down there anymore.
    Bike was bought in 2008 at Yamaha square in Chiang Mai, so completely legal. Insurance and tax until 9.4.2013.
    Bike comes with the 2 standard sidecases and was fitted with orange rimstripes to be seen easier as bike is black.
    Services have always been done at Yamaha (every 4000 mi with all receipts available), now she has 23,600 miles on the clock or 38,000kms.)
    Some fotos:



  2. Thats a great touring bike and with Japanese reliability!
  3. Yes Yankee99, had a short blast today in the evening and realised that I shouldn't sell her at all.
    She is just such a heavy pig when moving around the carpark but once on the move you cannot feel her 300kgs anymore but you feel the power of one of the best engines on the market since more than 10 years. The weight makes her very stable as she also has a very low center of gravity; the perfect brakes & ABS avoided me having a crash several times already and now with brandnew Pirelli Diablo Corsas, she sticks like glued to the road.
    Just did remove that ugly pink rimstripes and fitted her with orange ones which gives a good combination with the bikes Black colour and is for safety reasons at night rides. Further on did I take off the GIVI topcase as the 2 original sidecases give me plenty of storage room for anything I need on a trip.

  4. Wise decision! My '05 ABS still puts a smile on my face every time.
    130,000 km on her now and runs like new. When I want a wilder ride,
    the FZ1 is parked right next to it. But the feej is the best all-rounder
    I have ever owned.
  5. Yes Feejer, you are spot on ! I also have never owned or ridden a more perfect & troublefree bike, it's just the weight when you have to handle her at the carpark that sometimes pisses me off. But when riding you hardly feel the kilograms then it becomes even a positive thing because she's sooooo stable at higher speeds and with wind coming from the sides. Was also a financial decision as selling her and replacing her with a KTM would cost me more money and then I wouldn't have any bike left for longer trips. Cheers, Franz
  6. I know how you feel Franz! I have decided to put my TDM up for sale more times than I can count. BUT THEN I take it for a ride, and say no way. I could never replace it with anything at a reasonable price that rides so well, and it costs me almost nothing to just keep it and ride it when I want to. :think:
  7. A wise decision Franz- I love your FJR; it's surprisingly fast and agile for such a large bike. Like you say, heavy to move around, but the minute you start rolling the weight simply disappears. Fantastic engine, brakes and transmission. You would miss it for sure!
  8. It was funny reading and hearing some guys complain about the FJR's weight after I first bought it. I had just switched from the LT and had to laugh. So this is "big and heavy"? Felt like a toy in comparison. But as you know, the LT is also amazing how the weight disappears while underway. For it's size, hard to imagine a bike more balanced and neutral handling at speed through the twisties.
  9. Does it have green book? & how much are you asking please.

    Regards Richard.
  10. Franz, great looking bike. Glad you are keeping her.
  11. the bike certainly has a green book as Franz bought from Yamaha at the same time I got mine.
    However if you look back a few posts you will see that Franz has decided to keep the bike, so it is not for sale any more.
  12. Please let me know if you change your mind. Thank You. 089-2784011
  13. Hi Richard, sorry for the late reply but bike is not for sale anymore; if I ever change my mind, I'll let you know.
    Just saw the new prices of Yamaha's 2013 models, new FJR is now at 950k THB without panniers, so a another THB 50k and then you are at 1 Mio. This fact has me convinced to keep my 2008 model for good, but most importantly the perfect handling & performance have done it for the no-sale decision.

    Hi John, thanks for the perfect answer to Richard's inquiry.
    Rgds, FR
  14. You're such a tease!

    But yeah the FJR is definitely a keeper; made in Japan and one of the all time great bikes. I hear the 2013 has only very minor changes so at this point yours is quite the deal (in hindsight)... you should thank the Thai government thanks to them the value of your FJR just went up by 20%...
  15. Yes Nikster, I'm gonna keep her, up until now I had to do only the usual Service work of consumables (sparkplugs, tyres, brake pads, fluids and filters) Had also 2 recalls that were perfectly done by Yamaha Square; one was the ignition lock and another one a small cable; even a japanese technician was there for supervision of the recall-job, was all done at the same day without any fuss and I was lucky to have the T-Max for a days ride. Also this service convinced me that it won't get any better while changing to a smaller one. Cheers, Franz

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