Yamaha FZ1 2003

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  1. Have to sell; going to Vietnam for 3 year project.

    Year 2003, 65000km, regularly serviced. Green book, insurance & tax.

    1000cc, 140HP
    New front sproket, battery, brake pads.
    MRA Vario touring screen.
    New tyres Nov 2009.


    Some of you will have seen it on GT Rider trip reports but here are some recent photos:

    [/img] IMG_1455.


    [/img] IMG_1454.

  2. OK, will ge gone in about a week from now.

    So the price is reduced to B245,000

    Contact number is 0801028667.
  3. Take care buddy and becarefull in the Jungle,,,don't get lost and post some pictures when you are there and get local trasportation in 2wheels
  4. Peter, good luck in selling the Fazer, it's a good price for this bike !!!!
    Hope you get a decent ride also in VN and can enjoy life there as you did in LOS. Anyway, beer's tasty, food's good, people are nice and scenery is marvellous. Hope also you don't forget us here at the GT-Rider forum and keep us posted of what you're doing there !!!! Good luck mate & see you in VN, Franz
  5. Dear Dougal,
    Sad to hear you are selling your baby and no doubt the buyer will be happy indeed to get the older, better FZ1 for less than 300K.
    Let us know when you've got the fridge fully stocked in VN and we'll come help you empty it :mrgreen:
    Ride On!
  6. Thanks guys.

    Will endevour to get 2 wheels over there but may have to be one from our Russian or Chinese friends.

    Fridge will be one of the first priorities!!


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