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  1. A very special Yamaha FZ1 2007 is now sold. This always garaged bike is in true showroom condition and it has undergone a meticulous modification process, to reveal and release all the power, torque and driveability hiding in this model.

    The modifications include:

    - Leo Vince GP Pro slip on (sounds great)
    - Power Commander III usb
    - Power Commander ignition module
    - Power Commander quick shifter
    - Ivan's RCM Performance sub-throttle flaps
    - Ivan's RCM Performance FCE (fuel cut eliminator kit)
    - Ivan's RCM Performance air box and AIS modification kit
    - BMC race air filter
    - Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires (about 75% front, 80% rear)
    - Frame sliders
    - MRA smoked windshield,
    - Belly pan (painted in bike's colour)
    - Comfort seat
    - Main driving lights lexan protectors
    - Race stand stoppers

    As result of above, the bike's power has increased from the original 129,5 bhp to impressive 150,0 bhp, torque figures are up from original 65,6 ft-lbs to 77,9 ft-lbs and the throttle response is now superior, compared to the original. Note that these figures are measured direct from the rear wheel!

    The bike has never been crashed or dropped and it is in mint condition with no dents, scratches or imperfections what so ever. I have changed the oil every 3000 km and the bike has 21000 original kilometers on it. The latest maintenance was done 19600km, with oil & filter change, radiator wash & coolant change and changing/installing NGK Iridium spark plugs (these plugs are good for 40 000 kilometers!).

    For more background information, here's a link to the "FZ1 performance" pages: http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/2006fz1.htm

    Attached files 284830=13625-179102_10150941380127732_933228744_n. 284830=13623-396052_10150941379872732_321825395_n. 284830=13627-534678_10150941387342732_672130586_n. 284830=13626-577237_10150941379227732_1970345014_n. 284830=13624-581957_10150941379992732_98759231_n.
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  3. jusu777, whats your phone number. Im in Prathumak Hill and would like to look at the bike
  4. Hi monty,

    I sent my number via PM. You're welcome to take a look anytime.
  5. Nice bike. I have a 2009 with virtually all of the mods listed here except I went with Yoshimura on the exhaust and a PC V vs. a PC III. I can confirm the claims made about the HP/Tq increases as I had an independent dyno/tuning run after I installed the parts. If you have ever ridden a stock FZ1 and were not too impressed, these mods transform the bike completely. But the peak power #'s don't really tell the whole story.
  6. That is true, the peak power increase itself doesn't reflect at all how much the bike has been transformed. It should be emphasized that the bike really shines when riding the mid rpm range (as you do in normal, every day touring), and the way engine is responding to the throttle is nothing short of magic now. The quick shifter makes every acceleration pure joyment. I had one as factory installed equipment with my BMW S1000RR, enjoyed so much that I had to install one in my Diavel and this FZ1 as well.

    Last but not least, the tire change made a huge difference on FZ1. Those original (Michelin Pilot) ones gave the bike an overturning tendency, I had to "hold against" every turn, as the bike wanted to turn over eagerly (vs. the proportion of lean angle) in a turn. Changing to Pirelli rubber changed this unwanted tendency and made the bike beautifully neutral in turns, it's almost like the S1000RR now! Pirelli gave also a noticeable increase in grip, so when it's time to buy new rubber, I highly recommed this tire modification to everyne riding a FZ1 around.

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