Yamaha Hand Guards

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know where I can acquire some hand guards for my Yamaha like the ones in the below picture? I can get them off ebay for $25 but with $45 shipping !!!


  2. You can Buy Identical Hand Guards from Acerbis at either the Kawasaki Shop or Na's Motocross shop on the Inside corner of the Moat in Chiang Mai. Of course they don't have Yamaha on them but are the Real Deal, Strong and Cost about 3500 Baht. You can get a Copy that looks Exactly the same in some of the other Bike supply Shops and they only cost about 600 Baht! Unfortunately the Copies are pretty Weak and Bend easy! For Your own Bike Fork out for the Original ones!
  3. Hey thanks for the info Ian, will check out those places today. Ive also been told DirtShop in BKK also stock the Acerbis ones for 3690 baht.
  4. Got a set from Na's Motor-cross shop. Only 1190 Baht and made by a company called "Dirt Power Racing". They're obviously very good copies of the originals but just as strong as the Acerbis ones I have on the KLX, bonus....
  5. Post a Picture? If they are as Strong as the Acerbis ones I will replace the Cheap ones on My other Dirt Bikes! I am Sick of Bending them back into shape!!!
  6. Here's one of the guards against the Acerbis one, looks almost identical. Ive tried to squash it together as much as I can and it feels solid. Although the ultimate test will be when I go down, which wont be too far away :lolno:

    Other photo of the packaging.


  7. Look Identical to the Ones I get from the Shop near Panthip Plaza? They only cost 650 Baht there though? I have them on My Tour Bikes but they bend very Easy! Hope Yours are a Better Quality though! Good Luck.

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