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  1. hello to all , ive just bought the yamaha midnight star 1300 , im going to tour thailand for a while , i would also like to vist Laos and Vietnam on the bike , any info or tips would be welcome , or if anyone fancies a rideout

    best regards

  2. hi to all . travels begun currently on Ko Chang , will be heading towards laos next , would like to visit cambodia , but my thai lady not keen at the moment due to war

  3. G'day Gary

    I hope you have a safe enjoyable trip. I think Cambodia is safe - no war - the red shirts won the election so everything is good again at the Thai/Cambo boarder !!!

    I am in Chiang Mai its wet here and I expect wet everywhere else, not the best time to be travelling SE Asia. The new Strycker 1300cc Yamaha looks real nice is this what you are riding ? If you make it to Chiang Mai let us know, can have a ride and check out the scenery.

    Cheers Ken F
  4. Hi Ken. Thanks. For info. Have mailed you and sent some pics of bike etc. Completed scuba diving course on ko chang another lifetime ambition. Heading up to laos on monday. As thai girlfriend nervous of cambodia at the moment. No probs can do it another time. Look forward to meeting up and riding out in chang mai. Thankyou. That would be great. Will update as i go along. Keep well ride safe. Meet soon. Gary.
  5. Hi to all from Pakxe. Laos. Border crossing about i hour. Staying at Champansak grand hotel. Right on river. Lovely place.
  6. hola can anyone help re insurance in LAOS . I CAN ONLY GET QOUTE UP TO 250 cc i need cover for 1 month , she rang head office and they said ok cover ok , but im not satissfied that this is correct as form states from 125cc up to 250cc , any help advice appreciated , had first run in with police this morning in pakxe 500 metres, 500 baht,so put bike back in hotel and walked around town

    any info or help advice welcome re insurance

    thanks Gary
  7. Hola. Sorted insurance with agl office near old french iron bridge. Again thanks for info and help guys Gary
  8. Hola. Went down to khong island siphadorn. Lovely ride down. Ferry was a laugh. I could no way put my bike on the wooden boat lol. So to the amusemet of all i put it on the car ferry. Island was very quiet but nice. Rode from there to paksong. Managed to get to two waterfalls on sealed roads.i had no chance on the unmades. Waterfalls were magnificent and at full bore. Very loud. Now at Thaket. Lookig to go to caves at Khouamane. If anyone has been advice and directions. Appreciated. I must say i like Laos. Had a lot if rain but no probs. Biggest and most dangerois is amount of animals on road. Buffalo. Cows goats. Very stupid dogs. Pigs etc erc. Very unpredictable. Speed probaly down to 60/80. Kms. Would really enjoy the biking more but for the animals in road. Best regards to all. Gary.
  9. Hola to all. Now at Vientianne for a few days. Had to order new battery from thailand very helpful small bikeshop. Advice locally is not to go north. Roads very bad flooding etc. At Mahaxi all caves flooded but 1 landslide on road lax sao. So i may stay here a few days then head back into thailand and head for Chang mai. Next week. Regards. To all. Gary
  10. The big bike shop to use in Vientiane is Fuark Services.
  11. Hello David. Yes they were very very helpful. Ordered battery friday fitted sat pm. Highly recommend. Still making my mind up whether to go north or not. Not rained here since friday. See how sunday goes. Make decision monday. Was going to head to Plain of Jars at Mouang Khoun then to Louang phrabang then north to Louang Namtha and Nateuy then south and exit through Houayxay. If anyone has any advice or tips for this route would be welcome. Thanks Gary
  12. Hola. Decided on soft option. Went to Nakom Phanom to vist a mate then Mukdahan to see tower and indochina market. Now in Udon Thani. Making way up to Chiang Mai sometime next week. Look forward to meeting up. Best regards. Gary
  13. Hola to all. Stayed a few days at Lampang. Now finally in Chiang Mai. Just booked into Center Park hotel for a month. Look forward to meeting up. Also looking for help advice on where i can buy proper protectives. Leathers of otherwise. And full face helmet. Getting fed up of face full of flys lol. Look forward to hearing from you. Gary.
  14. G'day Gary

    Sounds like your enjoying your trip and bikes going well. I never received any mail or pictures that you said you sent me. I am in Lao at present back in Chiang mai on the 27th my thai mob 0860546670 if your still in town. Check out another Aussie Gary at Euro diner very clost to the UN Irish Pub for the lowdown on Chiang Mai. You can buy bike gear at many places but many Expats buy at Mai Sai across the boaderinto Menmar where you will find 3 or 4 shops selling reasonable gear. Checkout the topic on GT-rider buying stuff in the north area. Sorry I have forgotten the name of resturant Dave FL frequents most nights on the moat.

    Cheers and Safe riding
    Ken F
  15. Hi Ken. Really enjoying trip. Hope you enjoying Laos. Would be great to meet up when you get back from Laos. Save me a load of legwork re finding shops etc if you can spare some some. Apologies re pics. I sent them. But obviously to wrong place. You can look me up on facebook. Gary Sharpe. Pic of me in yellow shirt feeding tiger. My number is 890972570. Look forward to meeting up.best regards. Gary.

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