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  1. In the UK at the moment and just been reading about their new crossplane triple MT-09 which will replace the FZ8, if priced similiarly to the FZ8 it would be competition to the Monster and Z800 which will be sold soon in Thailand.
  2. I want one!
  3. They should call it FZ-09 or FZ 9 because MT is for singles and twins. Triples are much closer to inline fours, performance wise.

    I like the looks, a bit "bad ass", a bit brutal, that seems to be the look of these kinds of bikes these days.

    It'll be interesting how it compares to the Street Triple!

    $8,000 is a good start...
  4. I [email protected] love this bike!! Well done to Yamaha for having the balls to think outside the box & developing this badass bike.....Triumph's worst nightmare!!

    I read a great article in Bike magazine UK earlier this week (magazine not available online) & the testers we're raving about the power deliver married to a Motard style chassis & riding position.

    The real shocker in the magazine spread was the Yamaha Triple has got 10% more HP & a mega grunty 25% more torque developing almost a 1000rpm lower than the Triumph Street triple.....wow, that's real ride-able useable road power with comfort!!

    At 6,900 Uk pounds on the road (327,000thb) we can only Dream On in Thailand. :neutral:
  5. Great review
  6. At least it doesn't look as boring as the other Yamahas.
  7. Did not realize it is 40 kg lighter than the Z800. Looking forward to having the Yamaha factory demo truck show up here so I can test ride this little beauty! Will be interesting to compare power/mileage to my FZ1 because that thing eats petrol like mad.
  8. I thought I lost interest in new bikes with more than 70 hp but this Yamaha is different.

    I like the style, the looks, it doesn't have too big an engine, it weighs about the same as a CB500 and it's a triple!

    If it has good fuel economy and a low price it'll be a winner!

    I've always been a "Yamaha guy" because of bikes like the XT500, SR500, SRX600, XS650, XS750 triple and the TDM850.
  9. My dreaming bike for Thailand but sadly as it is Made in Japan it will cost double price compare to Europe. So I must forget about it and pick up a Z800 or Versys. Stupid thai import laws.
  10. Yes dream only... its made in Japan and will so cost more than a Z800 here even if its sold 1000 euros less than the Z800 in Europe. Stupid thai laws on imported cars and motorbikes.
  11. Yes dream only... its made in Japan and will so cost more than a Z800 here even if its sold 1000 euros less than the Z800 in Europe. Stupid thai laws on imported cars and motorbikes.
  12. its getting rave reviews in UK ,, only poor points are small 14l fuel tank but it does get 50 mpg ,,, A power mode is abrupt , B mode perfect ,,, front forks not as good as triumph in damping control ,which can be sorted , and it needs an aftermarket can to release some passion

    price in thailand will be a killer its as good as a street triple but both are silly money here but Z800 beats both on price in thailand but is 40kgs heavier and BORING 4 cylinders BUT ITS A NICE BIKE TOO with a plush ride and super performance and looks
  13. Test ride yesterday in Worthing ,the MT09 is excellent ,,, super light ,motor is silky torqey , gearbox is slick like swiss watch ,, plenty of power front end does need some tuning , fuel tank is Plastic which is worrying with gasohiol fuels ,but if yamaha useed PEX it should be fine , a really nice machine this will sell by the truckload , very similar to a ducati monster or triumph street triple ,,,

    also had a go on Yamaha 950 cruiser and its really nice much better than a HD sporster ,,low seat might suit my wife as well ,, problem is Thai prices will be double that of resonable UK prices £6720
  14. Bit of a wishy washy front end & jerky mapping from the throttle but it's still got all that lovely torque though! Can't have it all!! :-?

  15. Now that Ivan has cracked the ECU code on the FZ1, I would imagine it won't be long until he has a re-flash for the FZ9 as well. Should eliminate throttle snatch and unleash any power Yamaha left on the table due to emissions regs etc.


    Forks should be even easier to sort out with the right kit.
  16. Word is on the Thai biker forums that the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 will go on sale here soon for only 460k baht. Seems an impossible price if it's made in Japan?

    Looks like a wicked fun bike, that's for sure!! :clap:
  17. Well the FZ8was listed last year at 499K and of course the import tax has dropped again another 5% this year, so 460K for the 9 is a realistic and competitive price and was posted on FB by Khun Nui, who is the Yamaha sales guy from the Khorat Yamaha big bike shop. Yamaha normally set their prices once a year depending on the Thai Baht v Japanese Yen relationship. That must be a bit of a headache for them at the moment.
  18. Mt-09 is selling for $11,990 (348,000B) ride away in Perth - Australia last month. America and UK bike prices are usually much less than Australia.

    Hope this bike comes here as all the media hype is all good and 460K is not over the top pricing as some bike prices in Thailand.
  19. MT prices in my homecountry Austria-EU:

    MT09: Euro 9,999.- to 10,999.- depending on accessoiries and trim, VAT 20% and special vehicle tax 15% already included, net should be Euro 7,245.- to 7,970.-
    This bike got only good critics and there's already some aftermarket activity for points where there were some critics (front suspension,...)

    MT07: Euro 5,699.- to 6,699.-, VAT 20 and vehicle tax 12%, should translate in net to Euro 4,240.- to 4,985.- now these are interesting prices !!

    MT03: Euro 7,999.-, VAT 20% and vehicle tax 11%, translates in net to 6,005.- Euro. Now why should anyone buy the thumper for this price if the 2 cylinder is much cheaper and better in performance, something wrong there or is it maybe that the 2 cylinder MT07 is already manufactored outside of Japan I wonder (just a guess) ?
  20. Best get on a pre-sale deposit list. Over here the wait at the moment is over 6 months. From the dealers I have talked to both in WA and CA, the only way you are getting one sooner is if there is a cancellation and you get bumped up in the queue. Or find a used one, but I haven't seen any. The hottest, most in demand bike in the US right now.
  21. testing for the guys who cannot see page 2
  22. Works now for some weird reason.
  23. Saw an ad on facebook by Yamaha Thailand, price quoted was 435,000baht which is a steal by Thai standards for a Japanese made bike of this quality!
  24. Bht 460K was the about price Yamaha square Chiang Mai told me too .

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