Yamaha Myride App. Good Or Bad & Your Views On Weight Height & Leaning?

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Biggles, Dec 17, 2019.

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    The Yamaha MyRide App is based on using your phones gyroscope. It seems to have its sceptics, but to me, even if it is inaccurate, its inaccuracy is perhaps constant and can still be used as a riding indicator comparison tool. I had thought I could lean my old Dream 125 further over than my DTracker, a bike I’m still tweaking into being my fave Dual Sport bike. So I did a comparo. The DTr. has Pirelli Scorpion Trail II on front & Metzeler Sportec Street on rear. The Dream has Michelin M45’s front & rear (fantastic tyres) & 2P Disc Wave front end, as stock 125 Dream drum front brakes are terrible.

    After some 'spirited riding’ using the App 'purely in the name of science of course'... I can get to a max of 35+ degrees or so L&R on the DTracker. But on the Dream I can get 38-39 degrees. I even had 45 degrees on one side, on that 125 Dream. I think it also comes down confidence with the whole bike, its seat height and weight distribution. The Dream has all its weight low, with a low seat, which makes it feel better (even with its crap frame) leaned over. Where as the DTr. is much taller, with much more weight up high. Yes its a matter of what you are used to and like, but to me weight lower always feels better, and I think bike manufacturers try to achieve that. But thats harder to do with a dirt bike base.

    Yes, I have screen saves of these MyRide leans with routes with pics of the Dream tyres on a break mid ride, as those figures were memorable. So, how to ride a Dream like that you might ask? I moved to CM maybe 3 years ago, before that I lived down south in Phang Nga & Phuket for 7-8 years on a budget. This meant I had to re-adjust my Ducati (in my home country tastes) to a Dream 125, (555). But in doing that I re-learnt how to ride in a way I’d never had to before. How to ride a gutless 4 speed 125 & maximise its momentum point to point time by smooth corner speed, (and thrashing it mercilessly). Now my budget is a bit more comfortable for various reasons, but the lessons learnt were very well worth it.

    Does anyone have any views on the Yamaha MyRide App and want to share their views / exp on same?

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