Yamaha R1 - 2002 SOLD !!

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  1. Yamaha R1, 2002, 31000 kms for sale in CNX. Only one farang owner, plated & taxed, Ohlins rear shock, Hyperpro steering damper new, new tyres, pads, never crashed, THB 190,000.-, call Chris 0814722288.
    (I'm posting on behalf of a guy who's living close to me)

  2. Wow- quite a good price if it really does have green book. (I only say that because I can't see a plate in the pictures...)
    Can you double check to see if it really does have a legit green book? I know some guys here in Bangkok that would certainly be interested, but only if it's 100% legit.
  3. Sorry Tony for my late reply, was on a B-trip for more than a week.
    Chris told me he didn't fit the plate as ugly.....has done so also on his new R1 he previously bought.
    Told me bike has Chonburi plate as he used to live in PTA long time and didn't bother to change.
    Please call him directly.

    Cheers, FR
  4. Chris sold the bike yesterday to a guy down in eastern Thailand. Rgds, FR

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