Yamaha SR...2 book options...


Jun 20, 2010
Hi all

So, I finally sold my 2 bikes (Bandit and Tiger) and after flirting with an ER6n I returned to my original idea of getting the bike that really speaks to my heart...the Yamaha SR400.
I went to gigabike in Bkk and ordered it the way I like it...bordeaux red frame, sunburst red/black tank, cafe seat, clip-ons and a nice supertrapp.
Now, you probably all know how it is with green books... I learnt a lot from you guys on this forum and for that I'm very grateful.
Well, it seems I have 2 choices now: either get a Pratchinburi (looks like Pratchin is the easiest place to get them) book for 35.000Bht.......OR.......a "100% real one" for 60.000Bht. There is a Thai guy who registered a couple of Harleys and is now advertising that he can register SR's, too. My wife called him and she says he knows his stuff. He would do the import tax, all the paperwork etc and can get a Bangkok book.

My question is if anyone has such "60.000" books and if they're 100% legal as the guy claims. Original numbers of frame and engine would show on the book, with all correct specs and model name for the bike. Payment is by installments: 25%, 25%, 50% to be payed after each step has been completed, the last one once the book is ready.

I would be inclined to get options nr2 especially for the peace of mind, but would like to hear some feedback from you guys before I decide.

Thanks for your help!