Yamaha SR500 clubman racer

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  1. Check out this really nice clubman racer built by Lossa Engineering in the US.

  2. Not a huge fan of the cafe tail but do love some of the customs done on these.. Some great cafes and also a few interesting trackers.

    For a while I was trying to get a legit regged GB250 to attempt something like http://www.bikeexif.com/honda-gb250 as an around town city hopper.

    There was a couple of unregged ones, one already 'street trackered' nicely.. DEUS did one called the drovers dog, which apart from an odd under pipe looked decent.
  3. Brian, what a beautiful modification......would love to get my hands onto one of these, of course with plate......very difficult here in LOS. Cheers, Franz
  4. Hey Franz, you should come down here to Songkhla, the ratio of SR400s to 400Fours is about 10:1. Lots of nicely done cafe racers, many of them coming over from Malaysia on the weekends.

    Did you know that Yamaha is still producing the SR400 in Japan? Since 2010 updated with FI and catalysator.

  5. Hi Klaus, still pondering if I should legally import & register that new SR400 from Japan via Nut or RB, would be much to my liking with E-start, FI and a front disc brake.
    Still also looking for a legal plated one here in CNX but hard to get. Invoice ones are plenty but I never buy such a bike, most are also overpriced, for THB 80k+ I want a plated one and not an Invoice one with Suzuki-Honda-Kawasaki-Yamaha parts on it.
    Just read on some Thai websites that the authorities will soon start to crack down on Invoice bikes too as still illegal to run an unplated bike although the Excise Tax has been paid.
    The SR400 together with the CB400 might be the most sold biggies in LOS.
    Cheers, Franz
  6. Guess it's time to get in those last orders before they shut things down permanently.
    The SR is a classic, but imported with papers it may cost you a pretty penny for a big single with not that much power. How much does a 400 single make at the rear wheel?
    If that's enough for you, fine. Personally I don't need anything faster than 150 km/h.
    But you may get a Er6n which isn't a bad bike at all for the same (or less?)...
  7. Hi Klaus, if I would run only one big bike, of course the ER6N or the FZ8 would be the logical consequence but I've got already a very enjoyable thumper with the DR650, so the SR would only be a thumper for around town and some slow rides into the hills. Amazing this bike still turns heads everyhwere without any effort.
    I don't think imports will stop but maybe they will have to be 'full ones' meaning bike in one complete piece plus the rego & emissions testing. I do think that for the future, even 'Invoice' bikes will be taken off the street as have been all the 'non document, no plate, no invoice' ones.
    As for power, well it's enough, had the SRX400&600 series several times and that ones had similar engines with not much power but, enjoyable to ride.
    Cheers, Franz
  8. I had an XR650L when I got me a used DR650SE and then sold the XR. The DR has a real nice engine and is better around town. More power stock than the Honda with K&N filter and Supertrapp!

    I thought even imports of complete bikes will be a thing of the past soon?
  9. Klaus i don't think that full imports will be a thing of the past but it will be as costly as ever and the bike will have to be brandnew to be able to register and do the emissions testing. Time to put some pressure on the official importers to get us a little more from their product range. I would be even willing to pay a premium to Yamaha for bringing me in that nice little thumper........but that's maybe only me......5555, cheers, Franz
  10. double post
  11. are there many sr's with green books in Songkhla or is it also difficult to register there ?
  12. They're all older models, not even sporting a fake plate, bare rear fenders seem to be the fashion down here.

    Some are extremely loud but the BIB don't care.
  13. now that i own a 35 years old SR500 in perfect conditionin AUT, won't buy another, have only heard that Yamaha is seriously comsidering importing the new SR400 into the EU soon.....rgds, FR
  14. Yes Franz. They had the "New" SR400 presented at the Big Motorshow 2013-Eicma. It looks Identical to the Originals. At the right Price they will sell alot of them as They were Great Bikes! Hope they bring them here!

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