Yamaha SR500 - year 1978

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  1. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Finally we got no snow on the roads and my father was nice enough to get my new 'baby' from Salzburg/Western Austria 300 kms away to my parents place Southeast of Vienna.
    My brother helped him unload from the trailer yesterday and took some fotos with his mobile, therfore the not so good quality of the pictures.
    Here she is, now I am proud to have 2 vintage Yamaha thumpers, one in Austria (SR500) and one here in LOS (SRX600).
    I tried the last 6 years to get one legally registered here in Thailand but to no avail other than the usual invoice crap or dodgy books, and for most of all the 400 Jap versions.





    As Austria still is suffering very cool weather she was not used now for more than half a year; it took my brother just 3 kicks to get her to life, he even took her already for a short spin (without plates) in arctic temperatures and stated that she's got amazing low-rev acceleration. Bike is a 1978 model, so 35 years old and needs no work to be done at all, previous owner also did the MOT before we picked her up, brother will rego it in the next week so I can take her out when I'm on holiday there soon. New oil, filter, sprockets, chain, tyres, sparkplug, brakepads......well she was the favourite vintage bike of a Yamaha mechanic......we seldom change our habits, don't we 55555555555...............

    Cheers, Franz
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  3. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Congrats on the new bike Franz! She looks beautiful and I bet you have some fantastic roads around Salzburg! :happy1:
  4. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Thanks Tony, sorry my mistake we got her in Salzburg, now she's around 35kms southeast of Vienna.
    Years ago I had a Thai-mechnic friend check out a Sale in Pattaya posted here, for THB 120k if I remember right, did not even bumpstart, exhaust was a mere skeleton, numbers not stamped in the right Yamaha order, so book dodgy and not transferable, rusted, focked up in short but still more expensive than my 35 year old new aquisition which I paid Euro 2,900 for. Has 20k on the clock, and I doubt that she's done more than 30000 as even the exhaust is in perfect condition...looking forward to do: Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse (AUT), Stilfserjoch (or also known as Stelvio Pass, ITA) and Timmelsjoch (AUT/ITA) passes this summer when on Leave there......cheers, Franz
  5. johngooding

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    Well you do have different conditions there than we do in Chiang Mai right now, still no rain and a bit of smoke, but lashings of water for next few days.
    Enjoy your classic bikes in such lovely fresh surroundings.
  6. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Cool Bike Franz! I brought the XT500 Brand New in 1978, Fantastic Bike and still one of My all Time Favorite Buys and Proudest Moments! Wish I could still get one New Now. No Disc Brake up front on the XT though!

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