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  1. Selling my fully restored Yamaha-SRX4, bike is fully legal even the engine change was registered with KhonSong in Bangkok. Bike has been rebuilt to original state, runs very smooth, new tyres, brakepads, oils & filters, sparkplug, wheelbearings & gaskets, blinkers, new gaskets in frontforks, sprockets & chain (428), new paint, electrics redone & repaired, use it to commute to work on a daily basis. Everything is working as it should. Took me > 4 months to do the job properly in my sparetime. Registration in my name in Bangkok as the easiest and hasslefree way. Tax paid up until 30.12.2009, compulsory insurance till 20.06.2009. Very low petrol consumption, trustable bike and much fun in traffic congestions as very slim. Asking price THB 88.000,-
    Bike is in Bowin near Sriracha. Only really interested buyers, please PM me first and I will send you my mobile number.


  2. Economy is bad, people running out of cash but I still have to sell this one, so offer is down to THB 70.000,- anybody interested, will chip in the givi topbox too ? Cheers, Franz
  3. Bike is sold !
  4. Good deal, considering that legal plates are worth something like 50.000 THB already!
  5. Yes Klaus, bike had even an engine change registered with the transport department in Bangkok. Further on was fully restored with the help of the original repair manual of Yamaha, so all electrical wirings I have corrected and repaired to original state as I have tightened all bolts with the correct Nm's. Buyer, also Farang, appreciated these facts very much.
    Now this coming weekend I will start at my real project the SRX6, only got the 2 SRX4's because couldn't lay my hands on a legal 600, but months after buying the 4's I got a legal SRX600 which will stay with me as second bike for very long :D
    Rgds, Franz
  6. Talking about electrical wiring, a friend of mine who worked on an older V-Max told me when he looked into the electrical problems of the bike it had about twice the wiring necesary - some mechanic(s) must have run a new wire every time there was a problem, instead of finding the problem and using the existing wiring. It was very confusing, finally he decided replace the entire system, it was easier and faster than deal with the"wire salad". . .
    How's the engine of your new project? Maybe you could upgrade to a 660cc or would it not fit?
  7. Yeah, wiring problems are mostly in the connections, not the wires (after all, what can go wrong with a piece of copper?) but, generally, mechanics got into it to fix mechanical problems and often get frustrated with the electrical ones because they can't see the electricity, causing them to replace what they can see rather than finding and repairing the problem. I'm surprised that your friend was able to fix the problem by replacing the harness because, as monsterman found out on his Ducati, the engineers are constantly changing the wiring around and I've found it rare to find an identical replacement harness.
  8. Nice job Klaus ...well done better than new.

    I am back next week.
  9. Thanks, monsterman! I'll pass it on to Franz ;-)
  10. Klaus, many thanks !! Found the same cable BS this weekend when I totally de-assembled the SRX6, loose bolts, Suzuki-Honda-Kawasaki parts on a Yamaha, wrong adjustments of the carbs, wrong tyres, wrong brakepads, worn out threads, cracked bolts, british bolts in metric threads,......... :twisted: , so now in the coming weeks I'm gonna right the many wrongs on that one. :lol: I want to have I bike I can trust will perform safely.
    Jerry once you are back, give me a call !! By the way this weekend I'm up in CNX for getting the final deal on my new home done.
    Cheers, Franz

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