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    Tenere is a desert region in the south central Sahara - a place where, in 1977, Frenchman Thierry Sabine famously got lost on his motorbike for three days during the Abidjan-Nice Rally. The rest as they say is history - Sabine returned to France to create the Paris-Dakar rally and Yamaha's two wheeled namesake dominated the event in the 90s. The Yamaha Tenere made a comeback in recent times in with the new XTZ660, but the brand has bigger things in store with a twin-cylinder "Super Tenere" in the pipeline which will compete against the BMW R1200GS. Yamaha gave some hints as to the makeup of the new adventure bike at the Tokyo Motor Show with its eye-catchingly bizarre mock-up - which was appropriately wrapped in desert garb - sporting a shaft mounted drive and side mounted radiators.

    There's no final detail on when this bike might make production, but we do know that it will feature traction control, ABS, a unified braking system and a twin-cyclinder engine that's expected to be around 1200ccs.

    We must confess to a bit of a soft spot for the Tenere here at Gizmag - our publisher Mike Hanlon has had one in the garage (the only test bike he has ever both crashed and bought), and my faithful old XT 600 finally died last year after much punishment. We're both keen to see what the Super Tenere can do when it makes production.

    Source http://www.gizmag.com/yamaha-super-tene ... how/13181/
  2. right page this time :?
    Borrowed from a UK Bike mag :-

    Yamaha drip-feeds more news about Super Ténéré giant trailie including engine configuration ...

    The all-new Yamaha Super Ténéré is “ready for adventure”. Well, almost, but not quite. The latest media release has a few more details and we thought we'd try and share what's beginning to take shape - in our minds at least.

    A “large displacement parallel twin engine” with shaft-drive and a 270˚ crankshaft will “offer unsurpassed levels of power, torque and traction - perfect for any extreme situation you face on your adventure” Yamaha tells us. Exactly what the capacity will be we can only speculate but 1200cc might be a smart guess.

    The Super Ténéré will feature Yamaha's Chip-Controlled Throttle system (YCC-T) with traction control and a new “hi-tech” ABS system, as well as a Unified Brake System (UBS), which links front and rear brakes for rider comfort. Yamaha claims the braking system is intelligent enough to adapt to different terrain - on and off-road.

    There's a strong hint of off-road about the Super Ténéré then, potentially pitching it closer to the BMW GS and KTM 990 Adventure than the likes of Triumph's Tiger. A beefed-up version of it's reliably managable XT660Z sibling wouldn't be totally unexpected, only with a few more bells and whistles for long range riding. Yamaha is bragging about it's winning record at the Dakar Rally (which adds up more than any other manufacturer) so potentially at least there might be some substance behind the hype.

    Other than that we await further news and at the very least a picture or two. Secretly we're getting a tad bored with this drip-feed style of marketing which is becoming more popular with new motorcycle models, especially when there are no pictures to look at. We preferred it when life was simpler. Let's hope the Super Ténéré shuts us up when it arrives.

    No more info can currently be found at Yamaha's Super Ténéré website but stay tuned and you're sure to hear something.

    Sounds good if the price is good :)
  3. The Super Ténéré (XT1200Z) is born "to compete with the BMW R1200GS": that's what we know from different websites...


    A bit of a AT new-look, isn't it?
    And a bit strange, to my taste, these dark grey things/patches on the fairing... Radiator? Air-intake?..

    1200cc based on the TDM 900cc. Rear drive train will not be a chain but a shaft. Computer on-board for near everything!..

    Available in France in June 2010 for near 15000 Euros fully equiped...

    Shall we see it on the roads of Thailand?
    Mmmmh, not sure...
    But as said to me 2wheels, better to ask to Yamaha Motor Thailand...
    I'll have it a try...


    Reason of edit my post/topic: double acting with the previous thread "Yamaha Super Ténéré" initiated by Blister. So I deleted mine...
  4. all these bikes are too expensive ,the new VFR etc etc
  5. It's about 750 KB in France...
    Maybe there are more taxes in France than in UK... Since several years now I may be actually wrong but there is (was) something like 30 or 33% VAT on motorcycles in France...

    If I follow the actual comparison rule about Yamaha brand new bikes prices France vs Thailand, the Super Ténéré ought to be a little bit more than one Million Bahts... :shock: But fully equiped! :eek:

  6. some of these Japanese bikes are reaching ridiculous prices ...more than, Cars and on par with HD,BMW and Ducati .....wonder how many they will sell in EU and USA .Often 40% more than older models !!!!!!
  7. Thats actually true technologically they are often superior,but the old VFR was Sold for £8500 and the replacement will be £12,000 ...a step to far for most owners ,the japanese are mass market brands with big production lines I think they will struggle to sell these expensive machines with credit being in short supply unless they offer subsidy.

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