Yamaha T MAx 500/530 in Thailand

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  1. Hi Friends,

    Does someone knows about availability of T Max in Thailand.

    What to think about it ?

    Prices for a 500 or a 530 cc

    Availability ?

    Where to find it ?

    Accessories (exhaust, transmission, belt ???) ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply
  2. Bon jour Azoulay !!

    Had a talk with Art the Sales guy at Yamaha Square in CNX and he answered as follows:
    New 2014 model will be available in their shops approximately end of December 2013 or early January 2014, I would rather wait for Jan.2014 and look what they will do with next years price......
    I insisted on an answer concerning ABS but after a while was told that they import the Canadian Specs. Model WITHOUT ABS.
    Because of this I told him that I will not buy a new one (530 model) as for >/= THB 500k I would expect ABS anyway.
    I myself now got a second hand one (500/non-ABS) in Phuket for a real good value. You can find some sometimes for THB 300-400k at Bahtsold.com; or someone knows a Thai site where they sell them. It's not a very 'easy to find' second hand bike because mainly of its price I think. If you are looking for one I recommend to contact Nut at Pistonshop in CNX, he always comes across some Thai guys who would like to sell for reasonable prices, just honour his efforts with some 'tip' as he is really helpful.
    Have not ridden the 530 model yet but I think the difference in performance is minimal as the T-Max strong points always have been its design, bike-like handling and build quality. I always liked them as I got one for returning home once I had the FJR on service, took the white-reddish one up to Doi Angkhang and C'rai
    and via Phayao back to CNX on one of these days and must admit that by then my thoughts were: if I ever sell the FJR I will buy a T-Max. After a little while it does a 165km/hr but the acceleration inbetween 30-140 is absolutely stunning. It handles very well through the mountain-twisties and does also very well with a passenger, now it's an older scooter already but it still is a marvel in its class. In Europe also tried SYM's and Burgman 650 but as I always have been a Yamaha guy I now am the proud owner of one, just have a look at the sticky post: What bikes do you actually ride.
    Mine has also a full Akrapovich exhaust/header/cat system and trough this a real throaty sound. It's main advantage to all its 400 cc rivals is that it has 2 cylinders; runs much more vibration free and smooth and is suited for longer tours with conervative speeds although coming now into age.
    I am just sorry that they do not import the X-Max 400 into LOS, had a try on one this year in Europe and must admit that this new scooter nearly matches the performance of the 500 and the looks are stunning.
    there's plenty of accessoiries for the T-Maxes available but quite pricey but anyway you are still returning to France sometimes and Fleabay, local dealers there are a good option. BTW yes the Max is beltdriven, I would go for the 2008-2011 models as more 'smooth design' than the old one.
    Yamaha Riders Club: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.th/ridersclub/Spec_TMAX.aspx, still priced at THB 525k, should get a little cheaper in early 2014 anyway
    B.rgds, Franz
  3. Hi Friends, Hi Franz,

    Thanks for this complete and exhaustive answer. I think all is said in it and your comments are all appreciated. Obvious I would like a 530 WITH ABS and will wait for January 2014 (not so far now), the Bath going down better to wait a bit.
    At present, it makes it nearly the same price as in France (T-MAX 530 ABS 11.289,00 €).

    On that, I think it would need a Polini transmission kit (or Malossi Over Range MHR), a Giannelli and/or/or Akrapovic complete exhaust line avoiding the catalysor; of course you can spend all your savings in some Rizoma accessories but with the 2 main improvements (transmission and exhaust) it's more than enough to have a great bike (yes I said a BIKE).
  4. Fdale, in reply to your question, it is still a scooter but also a motorbike, so you can't sometimes push like you would a Supermoto or Racing bike. Consider also the wheelsizes are smaller than the standard bike (15" instead of 17") but compared to Burgmans, SYM's and my fathers Honda SH300i the T-Max handles much better than the competition. Rumour has it that the handling of the new Beemers and some other monster scooters from Italy got already better and better but me thinks all of them copied the frame-layout that was developed for the T-Max. which is the "secret" to its superb handling. Please google any country specific Yamaha Motors site and find out more about the technology behind this scoot as the Thai site does not provide too much information.

    Azoulay, you are welcome but please be informed, NO ABS for Thai models, only chance I see is that you talk to Khun Vikrom in Bkk to get a complete one, (I think to import all the ABS gear such as control unit, wheels,.....will be quite costly and heavy, was thinking myself already about this option and looked on Fleabay, oouuuchhhhhh, but the prices......) yes of course the exhaust system is very important, more so than the clutch. Will wait until I get my Bucheli Repair Manual and then have a look if the belt-acceleration is adjustable and where and try different settings, if you go longer distances on the T-Max, also recommend to get a high quality 'Trekker topcase from GIVI - these ones made in Italy and not the usual MAL crap, mine has 52 liters and fits 2 full sized helmets, racks can be done anywhere in LOS, mechanic only has to know the right and strong points on the subframe to mount it).

    Yep, I saw that that you said bike :thumbup::clap:, and it is one !!!! Just got pissed in Europe while riding and being a jolly friendly biker on dad's scoot greeting fellow bikers and them a.... not lifting a finger to greet back, something's wrong there with some bikers me thinks, this will be something you might not experience in LOS, everyone (especially the Thais) are super friendly once it comes to biking. B.rgds, Franz
  5. Suzuki will Sell their Burgman 650 in Thailand starting Next Year along with a 5 or 6 of their other Models. Not as Sporty as the T-Max but More Power!!!
  6. Last week I drove to Bangkok in a Corolla Altis and was motoring along on Highway 1, which is a very good road, at a respectable 130kph and was buzzed effortlessly by a Phuket registered T Max. This thing was flying and although I gave chase to have a good look, I could not get anywhere near him. His ride position looked comfortable and the bike must have good internal luggage as all he had was a topcase.
    Very impressed and think that this will be my way of travel once I wear the V Strom out.

  7. Funny, just when this post gets more answers 2 new ads have been posted for T-Max 500 on Bahtsold: (one 'wanted' and one 'for sale' reasonable priced too)
    The Pha Daeng Mansion DOT com/view/for-sale-yamaha-t-max-500-157912?doqs=1
    That colour was as far as I can remember the last model of the 500 sold at Yamaha or was it again a black one, can't remember.
  8. Whilst not my cup of tea the T MAX is a very excellent machine with real world performance , i can attest that it will keep up with my Ducati 916 on the general highway and that it accelerates very quick up to 160 kph its also very comfy and handling is excellent ,, only negative is silly price

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