Yamaha TDM 850 For Sale

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  1. I am considering offers for a 1998 Yamaha TDM 850. This is a bike I have owned for 5 years but has been seldom used owing to a smaller dirt bike I use for out-of-country travel. This bike is an excellent touring machine and has great stability at higher speeds. The braking power is superb, and the engine power-acceleration (and sound) are awesome. This bike originally came from Red Baron to Chiang Mai and I purchased it from via Sa Moto and Kwansa has done most of the maintenance on the bike. I purchased the bike with a little over 28,000 kilometers (now around 32,000 kms I believe), which I believe were actual as the engine has full power, no leaks or smoke and full compression. Kwansa of Sa Moto and Thom of G-3 can vouch for the bikes condition. I want to sell because I seldom ride it. It is a wonderful machine for great Thai roads and as a touring bike, has wonderful handling. It has a fully legal book and registration. I will consider selling for 170,000 baht.

    As of this date (7 Sept 2012) this bike remains on sale.

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  2. To include some other information. This bike is physically in Chiang Mai near Huay Khao Road, Kad Suan Khao area. I am available to show the bike to interested parties. The price is negotiable to a certain extent. I foresee no travel out of town during the month of April. I may be contacted via [email protected] and I can may arrangements to show the machine.
  3. Bump for Captain Wally, or anyone else looking for a new Versys, but can't wait for the 3 -4 months delivery.
  4. Thanks David. PM sent to Bad Ed.
  5. To update - this bike has been sold and is no longer available.


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