Yamaha TDM 850 - Have Book

Feb 19, 2004
1999 TDM 850 For Sale - Registered & With Book - 200,000B OBO
~10,000 km

I'm here for a few weeks.
Call me in Thailand @ 05-171-8164 - Chris
[email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

This bike has been serviced at Red Baron in Bangkok and has
a new rear tire, chain and tune-up. Currently Red Baron has a '98 TDM with 32,000km for 230,000 Baht.

The book is acurate and up-to-date with the engine and frame numbers matching the book and the description of the make and model in the book correct. I went to great lengths to get this straightened away with the Thai government registration office. Insurance and registration tags are also up to date.

Pics of my bike: http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumIn ... 495593&f=0

I bought this bike from a mechanic who worked at SIAM Racing in Pattaya. Note that this is not the same nor is it affiliated with Peter's shop of a similar name in Bangkok.

[:D]The TDM is a twin engine liquid cooled 4 stroke with a 5 speed transmission. It has two thermostatically controlled radiator fans to help keep it cool when it is not moving. It also uses a generous amount of oil to help lubricate and cool the engine as well. This was a great benefit with the hot temperatures I experienced in Thailand. The 1999 model had many advances over earlier models including better carbs which smoothed the power ramp especially from a standing stop. This made the bike much more friendly to handle. It is a great touring bike since the rider is in a more upright position. It also provides a fuel gauge which also helps for monitoring petrol on those longer rides. I rode this bike on the Mae Hong Son loop and it performed well on road as well as off-road. The off-road performance is somewhat derived from its lineage back to the Tenere (a dual-purpose bike similar to an Africa Twin).

Want to know more...check out the cult TDM owners site:
Everything and more on the TDM. In addition, one of the more frequent members of this site also rides a TDM out of Chiang Mai. I'm sure he would give you his opinion on the TDM's performance.[8D]

Here is advice on buying a bike in Thailand as given by Peter from SiamSuperBike in Bangkok:

* Is the green book available and do the engine frame numbers line up with it? (Common practice here to “recycle” old books). The book has matching frame and engine numbers.
* Who is the registered legal owner? many foreigners here put the vehicle in a friend’s name; the “friend” may not be available to sign over the transfer. This bike is in my wife's name.
* Is the registration and PLB (3rd party insurance) current? Current on this one
* Is the vehicle locally registered. Registered in Province of Bangkok
* NEVER hand over all the money until you have possesion of the registration book in your name. Sellers will come out with all reasons why it is SAFE to do so . Do not get caught, there are many reasons why a transfer cannot be transacted, you will not know them all.