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  1. Hi Mike,

    Just visit this web site, you'll become crazy when looking at these bikes: http://www.moto-station.com/cgi-bin/pho ... g&img=&tt=

    Unfortunatelly, I think these are only prototypes and not bikes you can buy, but I would expect that with your skills and the Thai help you could achieve such wonders.

    Should we meet at Tawandang around week 51/07 I will return to Thailand around the 20th for X'Mas ?
  2. Mike ...yes I' ve seen a few of these bikes in Thailand, started comming in at the back end of last year, have seen them in black,yellow, bronze, silver and orange colour schemes. There not bad bikes but at the same time, nothing too special. About the same size as the Yamaha Serrow so a very easy ride, and handle ok, a bit small for a passanger. A price tag of around 100,000 baht up to about 120,000 needless to say thats just with the import papers, no book.
  3. A Few of them here in Chiang Mai in New Condition. Look quite neat and a lot of Fun actually. Sort of like a Classice Bike.
    Cheers Ian.
  4. Hi Friends,

    Thus if Richard and Ian say they saw the bikes around it should not be prototypes as I was thinking.

    It could be funny to have one of these light bikes behind a pick-up truck, for fun, when arriving in country....
  5. Rode one around CNX one day. Interesting bud sadly not really practical for much. Not as good a trail bike as the Honda XR due to its weak componentry and suspensions. Not light or geared like a trials bike it is vaguely modeled after. and the XR's had more punch.

    Not quite sure where this would fit in. No real redeeming qualities other than a short seat hieght. Maybe a first time bike for short people??? Hell you can't even easily fit your Patpong or Loi kroi hooker on the back. How good can it be??????

    PS just looked at the photo, this is a later model with more seat room for the hookers.
  6. The Honda FTR is far better value for money ( about half the price ) fun bike, its really popular in Japan and with a 233cc engine and retro styling. They are fun to ride and handle superb and no problem off road, if I was looking for that type of bike that is the one to get your hands on .... and you can rip clutch and gearbox parts from the Phantom, I think.... but don't quote me on that lol.

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